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Xiaomi’s electric car will start production in the first half of 2024

A few days after its presentation, Xiaomi electric car It has jumped back to the front page of the Chinese news when its president confirmed that the plans for its arrival on the market are going at full speed, and that they expect to start production in just one year.

The Chinese giant, known mainly for its range of smartphones and consumer electronics in general, wants to take advantage of the gap caused by the transition to electric mobility in the automotive industry to expand its business in this sector.

The vehicle, baptized as MS11, has been sighted these days during road tests, and according to the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, the model had finished its winter testswhich paved the way for finishing off its development and starting work on its production.

In the photos we can see how Xiaomi is preparing a family and sports saloon. She will have technological equipment that, as expected, will be one of the priorities, and where a autonomous driving system which will have a LiDAR sensor installed on the windshield.

Other elements, such as the door handles integrated into the body, show us that it will be a very aerodynamic model.

Xiaomi electric car interior

A project that has advanced at breakneck speed, and where Xiaomi’s resources have helped create, for example an R&D team made up of 2,200 peoplewho have been working on this model since March 2021.

An initiative that has set itself the goal of launching an electric car with a high level of autonomous driving, and that They hope it will be ready for its first deliveries in the summer of next year.. Barely three years from the first stone of the project.

According to the Chinese press, the objective is to put on sale a model that is a reference in autonomous driving, and that has a maximum price of 300,000 yuan (40,800 euros to change). Something that will place it above rivals like the Xpeng P7, but at the level of the NIO ET7, which starts at 378,000 yuan in China, but well below the Tesla Model S, which in China shoots up to 789,000 yuan.

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