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Wuling Bingo sweeps its debut and shows the enormous potential of low-cost Chinese electric cars

The Chinese electric car market is advancing by leaps and bounds in terms of implementation, and it is doing so hand in hand with the widest offer. Among them are the low-cost models, whose last representative to arrive has achieved a sales success in its first month. Wuling Bingo, which also does so with a much more complete proposal than we might think at first.

As we remember, the Wuling Bingo It is a compact 3.95 meters long, with five doors and space for four occupants, which is powered by an engine that can be, depending on the version, of 30 or 50 kWwhich propel you up to a top speed of 100 km/h.

The battery for its part also has two options, both using LFP chemistry, with two capacities. One of 17.3 kWh and 203 km CLTCand a second that reaches 31.9 kWhwhich provide an autonomy of 333km CLTC. A model whose prices start at 58,800 yuan, 7,700 euros to change for the most accessible version, up to 83,800 yuan for the most expensive, 11,000 euros to change.

A proposal that has convinced Chinese customers, managing last April to register a total of 16,383 units. Quite a milestone for a new model.

And it is that Bingo has everything that a customer looking for a low cost model can have. In addition, as is evident from a contained price, and a configuration that adapts to all budgets, it also has an attractive design, a very complete interior, and even details such as a trunk area capable of becoming a bed.

With the rear seats folded down, the cargo space is 790 liters, and it also has an optional inflatable mattress in the back that we can use when camping or take a nap during an excursion.

A new example of how fast the supply of electric cars in China is advancing. A market that is advancing unstoppably in its transformation towards electric mobility based on a varied offer that includes large SUVs, sedans, but also compact and low-cost urban vehicles.

The latter is a segment where competition is becoming very important with the arrival a few weeks ago of the BYD Seagull, which will undoubtedly have a serious rival in this Bingo… or an interesting complement to replace cars with combustion engines.

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