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What are the cheapest electric cars we can buy in 2023?

Last year we have seen how the prices of electric cars, and ultimately of almost everything, they shot up. This means that launching into the purchase of one of these vehicles involves an effort and requires research work to find out the best offers. That is why we are going to briefly review what are the cheapest electric cars that we can buy this year in Spain.

MG 5: 35,490 euros

MG5 Electric - rear

From China comes one of the cheapest proposals on the market with a MG 5 which also adds the peculiarity of being a different option to everything on the market. And it is that in a sector dominated by SUVs, sedans and compacts, finding a hatchback is not common. Something that translates into a 4.54-meter-long body with a familiar design that allows it to have a good load capacity figure in its trunk that reaches 578 liters with the second row of seats up.

In the mechanical aspect, the MG5 Electric has a 115 or 130 kW motor, also with two options in the battery part, one with 46 useful kWh and 320 km of autonomy, and a second with 57.4 kWh and 400 km WLTP. All with prices that start at 35,490 euros for the Standard, and at 38,690 euros for the Long Range.

Beings 3: 34,950 euros

One of the many models that have come from China to try to erode the sales of European brands. The Seres 3 is a 4.38 meter long compact SUV equipped with a 120 kW (163 CV) engine that mounts a 53.6 kWh LFP battery that gives it a range of 329 km under the WLTP European approval cycle. . It comes with extensive equipment and during its launch a price of €34,950although the web does not show the current figure.

MG ZS: 33,690 euros


Another example of how 2022 has been the year of the Chinese landing. And if there is a leading brand, this is MG, which has a family of electric cars where we find the person in charge of leading the way at the time. The MG ZS. A compact SUV 4.32 meters long, which has two versions. One equipped with a 130 kW (177 CV) motor and another with a 115 kW (156 CV) motor.

In the aspect of the battery we also find two alternatives, with an access pack of 49 kWh and 320 km WLTPand a second of 68.3 kWh and 440 km WLTP. All with prices of 33,690 euros for the access variant and 38,190 euros for the one with more autonomy.

MG 4: 30,690 euros


But without a doubt the prices of the cheapest models pale before the onslaught that the MG 4 has made. A compact 4.28 meters long and a very attractive design that has caused a strong impact in the sector, rising to the top sales positions automatically.

The arguments of the MG 4 are also solid mechanically, with a Standard access version with a 125 kW (170 CV) engine and a useful 50.8 kWh battery, which give it a range of 350 km. The Long Range version, for its part, has a powerful 150 kW (204 CV) motor and a 61.7 kWh battery, with a range of 450 km. All with groundbreaking prices that start at 30,690 euros for the Standard version, before aid and various manufacturer promotions, while the Long Range does so at 35,190 euros.

Thorough test of the MG 4

Fiat 500e: 28,050 euros

FIAT 500e 3+1

The electric FIAT 500 is one of the options where the design aspect has been most worked on. A mythical name that now has one of the widest and most complete offers in terms of mechanics, but also even in its physical configuration with a “saloon” version, a convertible version or a 3+1 variant, which adds a second door for the rear seats in the Right side.

In addition to several physical options, mechanically this small 3.63-meter-long urban has several mechanical options, with a basic variant with a 70 kW (93 CV) engine and a useful 21.3 kWh battery, which provide it with a range of 190 kmWLTP. The other option involves raising engine power to 87 kW (118 hp) and battery capacity to 37.3 useful kWh, which allow it to travel 331 km WLTP. All with a price from 28,050 euros during the current promotion for the access version, which rises to 31,710 euros for the variant with more autonomy.

Smart Fortwo: 25,090 euros

smart EQ fortwo convertible

One of the cheapest alternatives is by far the smallest in size. A true ultra urban 2.69 meters long that we can park almost anywhere. It has a 60 kW (82 CV) engine that will propel us briskly through urban traffic. An engine that is powered by a small 16.7 kWh battery, which gives it a range of 133 km WLTP, all with a price starting at 25,090 euros.

test smart fortwo 2019

Renault Twingo ZE: 24,463 euros

Renault Twingo E-TECH

Many have changed a Ferrari for a Twingo in view of fuel prices. These have been found to be a compact model, 3.61 meters long, and also very easy to park or wander around when trying to escape the press. A model that shares an engine with the Smart, 60 kW (82 PS) and that mounts a somewhat larger battery, 21.3 kWh, which give him 190 km WLTP. All with a price from 24,463 euros, highlighting its 22 kW charging system, which is undoubtedly one of its strongest points.

FCE test. Challenge M-40: autonomy test at 100 km/h with the Renault Twingo Electric (Video)
FCE test. Mixed circuit: real autonomy test (city, secondary and highway) with the Renault Twingo
FCE test: autonomy test at 120 km/h with the Renault Twingo Electric (Video)

Dacia Spring: 20,555 euros

Dacia Spring

One of the models that has suffered the most from the wave of inflation, and which has led it to substantially increase its price during its arrival on the market. A Dacia Spring It has a body 3.73 meters long where it can accommodate four passengers and some cargo.

In the technical section, the Spring has two versions since this year. An access with a 33 kW (45 CV) engine that is somewhat fair when we have to go out on the highway or roundabouts where the speed is higher. The new one raises the power to 48 kW (65 CV) which is not something to write home about but gives a little more life to a model with a 25 kWh battery and 230 km WLTP, whose price starts in the €20,555which go up to €22,205 for the “Extreme” version with more engine power.

Test Dacia Spring

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