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We already know the price of the Polestar 4

There are still many months to go before its launch and many things can happen until then, but we already know what the approximate price of the Polestar 4 will be when it hits the market.

Unlike other brands, Polestar’s nomenclature has nothing to do with sizes or segments. The Swedes have opted for a series of denominations in line with the launch order. The Polestar 4 will mark the launch of the fourth model of the electric family. There is still more than a year left for us to know it in detail, but one of its key data has already been approximately revealed. The Polestar 4 will have a sale price of $55,000, which breaks with the predictions that it would be the cheapest model of the house.

It has always been said that the 4 would be Polestar’s most commercial and successful model for its price and its approach. Until now we have only been able to see it under a canvas, although we have known some details of what the company’s fourth launch will be like. It will be an SUV, not a crossover like the Polestar 2 which is already on sale and is reaping excellent sales results. In the first quarter alone, registrations have shot up 125% worldwide. A good indicator of what is to come.

Returning to the Polestar 4, we know that it will be an SUV with the house’s SPA2 platform, the modular and versatile structure that will mobilize the entire range, although in this case it will be adapted to measures superior to those of the crossover saloon. Polestar has set the Porsche Macan as the most direct rival, so we can classify it as a D-SUV with an approximate measurement between 4.7 and 4.8 meters, about 15 or 20 centimeters more than the Polestar 2.

The first information indicated that the 4 would be the company’s best-selling model by price. Everyone took it for granted that it would be the model of access to the family, although it does not seem that it will be so. In an interview with CAR, the CEO of the company, Thomas Ingenlath, has assured that the sale price will be around $55,000, approximately. If we look today at the price of a Polestar 2 we see that the starting price is around $47,000. A lower cost, although success will also depend on what the superior model is capable of offering.

Polestar 4

If an SUV with more space, more technology, better performance, and greater autonomy is available for just a few thousand $ more, it may end up becoming the most popular model of the house. The figures that Polestar shuffles in this regard are very clear. By the middle of the decade, the Swedes expect the Polestar 4 to outsell the Polestar 2 with some 79,000 units delivered per year. Some very precise estimates that we will see if they end up being fulfilled.

Regarding the rest of the details, the truth is that little else is known about the future electric SUV. Ingenlath himself has recently commented on the prices of the Polestar 3, between $75,000 and $110,000. In this case, we are talking about a much larger, more advanced, and luxurious SUV with a capacity for up to seven passengers and about 600 kilometers of autonomy. In just a few months we will clear up any doubts since 3 is scheduled to be launched next October. Something else will have to wait to see the 4, which has the scheduled start date of manufacturing at the end of next year.

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