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VW Touareg 2023: Details of the German SUV

The  Volkswagen Touareg arrives in 2018 with a new generation on the market. Its aesthetics do not change radically, as has been happening in the  Volkswagen model range, but it is renewed and updated to continue being an important participant in the SUV segment.

The new Touareg has new engines, is now more efficient, and improvements in terms of equipment. The exterior of the Touareg debuts design on the front and rear, in line with the brand’s new design language. Design cues that can already be seen in models like the  Volkswagen Arteon.

Volkswagen Touareg design

Volkswagen’s off-roader, with its completely revamped design, is based on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB longitudinal modular platform. This new MLB platform allows engines and gearboxes to be mounted in a longitudinal position. Compared to the previous model, the third generation Touareg is taller, wider, and lower. These are the measurements of the Volkswagen Touareg: it measures 4,878 millimeters in length (increases by 77 mm), 1,984 mm in width (+44 mm), and has a height of 1.70 meters (seven mm less than the previous model).

Even so, the total weight of the new Touareg is 106 kilograms less than that of the previous generation. This is due to its mixed construction for the bodywork, with 48% aluminum and 52% high-tech steel.

Much of the new Touareg’s running gear is made of newly developed, lightweight aluminum. In this way, it is intended to perfect the characteristics of comfort in motion and the dynamics of the whole. Available as an option, Volkswagen offers for the new Touareg an air suspension, called 4-Corner, with electronic damping control.

VW Touareg 2023

New Touareg: available finishes and equipment

The interior of the Volkswagen SUV has also been redesigned. The place in the market in which this Volkswagen is positioned is a complicated place. Place where rivals of the Touareg such as the  BMW X5,  Mercedes-Benz GLE, or the  Porsche Cayenne are found.

Of course, the new Volkswagen Touareg still offers five seats. Volkswagen designers have conceived a completely redesigned interior for the new Touareg, now consistently adapted to the digital age. The digital interface replaces conventional gauges and controls. The key to the interior of this off-roader is the wide and elegant instrument panel, with the Innovision Cockpit system integrated as an option.

It consists of the 12-inch digital instrument cluster and the Discover Premium navigation and multimedia system with a 15-inch TFT touchscreen. This new Innovision Cockpit system represents the evolution towards a new era in equipment and comfort. The Touareg’s Innovision Cockpit interface brings together, in a single point, information and settings for all the vehicle’s comfort, assistance and multimedia systems.

The plus of exterior length produces an increase in the volume of the trunk of the VW Touareg. It goes from 697 to 810 liters (with the rear seat raised). Luggage can be concealed with the optional trunk lid, which is electrically retracted and extended.

The Touareg’s interior can be customized with three equipment lines: AtmosphereElegance, and R-Line. The first of them, called Atmosphere, is a new environment for the interior where wood and natural tones predominate. The Touareg’s Elegance trim represents an environment dominated by metal and related color tones. On the other hand, the Touareg’s R-Line finish is committed to a sportier character.

VW Touareg 2023

Range of engines available

Volkswagen continues to bet on diesel engines for its large SUV. The new Touareg hits the market in April 2018. Available from launch, Volkswagen offers the new Touareg with three-liter V6 Turbo engines. 

All of them are designed for a maximum towable mass of 3.5 tons. The Touareg’s engine range for Europe includes two V6 TDI engines with 231 hp and 286 hp, as well as a V6 petrol engine with an output of 340 hp.

As for Touareg specifications: the 231 hp TDI engine develops a maximum torque of 500 Nm; in the case of the 286 hp TDI model it is 600 Nm. The TSI model is capable of reaching a maximum torque of 450 Nm.

They are followed by a four-liter V8 turbodiesel engine with an output of 421 hp and an impressive maximum torque of 900 Nm. This range of engines for the new Touareg wants to guarantee the highest technically permissible towable mass of the entire SUV segment.

A plug-in hybrid variant of the Touareg

In addition, a plug-in hybrid variant of the VW Touareg is planned. This hybrid Touareg will have a maximum power of 367 hp hybrid system. At the moment, the exact date for the launch of the Plug-In Hybrid Touareg is not known.

off-road capabilities

These mechanics are intended to limit Touareg’s consumption, but without causing a loss of its benefits. In such a vehicle, the buyer looks for adjusted consumption when traveling, but also has enough power under the right foot.

The power that accompanies the majestic image of this new Volkswagen Touareg. In addition, this Volkswagen SUV needs engines that have exceptional performance that allow this SUV to circulate, from time to time, on difficult terrain and off-road tracks.

For the latter, the new Touareg is equipped in the third generation with a permanent all-wheel drive, called 4Motion. The traction is coupled to an eight-speed automatic gearbox that can transmit a torque of up to 1,000 Nm. A limited-slip center differential with asymmetric-dynamic torque distribution acts as a transfer case for the power flow between the front and rear axles.

In this way, a maximum of 70% of the driving force can be sent to the front axle and up to 80% to the rear axle. Of course, in this new generation of the Touareg, the option of equipping a reducer is lost.

However, there is a package to increase the off-road skills of the new Volkswagen Touareg; with underride guards, a larger fuel tank, towing hooks, special driving modes…

Technology and comfort onboard

The new generation of the Touareg once again offers an air suspension system, which is necessary to achieve optimal ride comfort. It also has active stabilizer bars that work with a 48 V battery. These two systems are designed to provide the new Volkswagen Touareg with exquisite dynamics and handling, there is a steering system for the rear wheels.

The new Touareg comes with the widest range of assistance, ride dynamics, and comfort systems that are ever seen in a Volkswagen vehicle. This battery of state-of-the-art assistants and systems includes technologies such as the Nightvision night vision system, which detects people and animals in the dark using a thermal camera, or the traffic jam and construction assistant, which allows steering and lane maintenance, acceleration, and automated braking up to a speed of 60 km/h.

These systems are joined by a crossing assistant, which reacts to cross traffic in front of the vehicle, active four-wheel steering, a new active roll stabilization through bars with electromechanical control, the IQ.Light Headlights – LED Matrix (lights of intersection and highway controlled interactively using a camera) and a head-up display of information projected directly on the windshield, popularly known as Head-Up Display.

It is also worth mentioning other additions in terms of safety and driver assistance that are already more common in other vehicles. The Volkswagen Touareg has active speed control, traffic jam assistant, lane-keeping system, assistants, and parking aids, among other elements.

Its presence in the SUV market

The new generation of the renewed Volkswagen Touareg has three finishes available in the configurator. The new 2018 Touareg is also a new step in the largest product offensive in the history of the Volkswagen brand. The German manufacturer significantly expands the SUV range made up of models such as the new Volkswagen T-Roc, the Volkswagen Tiguan, the new Tiguan Allspace, the Volkswagen Atlas (specific to the US market), and the Volkswagen Teramont (in the Chinese market). ).

The Volkswagen Touareg is completely redesigned and is the top model in Volkswagen’s SUV range. At the other end of the SUV range -below the Volkswagen T-Roc- the German manufacturer will later expand its offer with the compact Volkswagen T-Cross. In this article, we tell you the prices of the Volkswagen Touareg. Render By; AutoZeitung

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