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VW Tiguan 2024: First details about the electric SUV

Volkswagen is making progress in the development of the third generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan. It is scheduled to be launched in 2024, although it should not reach dealers until 2025, and we can already confirm that there will be an electric Volkswagen Tiguan.

And although test mules had already been seen since last winter, the truth is that it is still surprising because it could collide with the ID.4, a fully electric model that fits into the same segment and is already available on the market.

With the  Volkswagen ID family already born and moving forward, it seemed that the most logical thing would be for the German brand to get rid of current models as it introduces its electric alternatives within this range. However, with the Volkswagen Tiguan, it seems that such a thing is not going to happen.

At this point, the brand is testing mules from an electric Volkswagen Tiguan that has been walking for several months to carry out a series of tests. In addition, the latest photos show changes in the design that show that Volkswagen is advancing in the development of this idea. The third generation, indeed, will be released at some point in the year 2024.

VW Tiguan 2024

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 will be electric, but also a plug-in hybrid

What we know at this point is that the  2024 Volkswagen Tiguan, which will be the third generation of the model, will be available in a pure electric version. An important step forward for this model is that, yes, will not be alone. There will also be an electric KIA Sportage and a Peugeot e-3008, also pure electric, will also be launched. And there will be some others with whom he will have to compete and who also, due to their trajectory over the last few years, will undoubtedly be tough rivals.

VW Tiguan 2024

But the electric Volkswagen Tiguan will not be alone either within the range, but the plug-in hybrid mechanics will be maintained. After all, we are still far from the  ‘the famous year 2035’ in which manufacturers will have thermal mechanics banned. So the next generation will maintain the transition mechanics, which a priori will be the favorite plug-in hybrid for several more years.

VW Tiguan 2024

At the moment, yes, it is unknown what will be the benefits offered by both the electric Volkswagen Tiguan and its new plug-in hybrid configuration, which will be released with the third generation in 2024. Concerning the current one, it will have to improve its autonomy in pure electric mode and that will involve increasing the energy capacity of the lithium-ion battery. But beyond this, which is obvious, we do not know to what capacity – in kWh – Volkswagen will take it with its next development.

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