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VW T-Roc 2022: Facelift With Small SUV

VW T-Roc 2022 is here with its updated face and details. Volkswagen’s compact SUV faces the middle of its commercial cycle with a restyling that will give it a slight but appreciable facelift at all levels and that will arrive in 2022

  • The VW T-Roc has already prepares slight changes for 2022 in different facets
  • Its aesthetics will be renewed with light touch-ups
  • The range of engines could receive mild-hybrid technology

We’ve been tracking him for a long time, ever since our spies hunted two near the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg. Both, surprisingly, did not wear the usual camouflage that manufacturers use in this type of development test so that we can appreciate in greater detail the changes that the brand’s compact SUV will receive in a short time, that is, the T-Roc. Now we have met again with this renewed version of one of the main bets of VW in the SUV market rolling through the Alps, again leaving its body completely exposed

Renewed aesthetics

Looking ahead to the second part of its commercial life cycle, the Volkswagen T-Roc will receive a series of changes, not very deep, that will affect both aesthetics and equipment, without forgetting the mechanical section. For now, all we can see are the visual changes that are already installed on the prototype images, the most prominent one that affects the optical groups, as the front now comprise the daytime running lights and the rear display a novel lighting signature.

In addition, the front grille will debut a redesign and it will say goodbye to the two horizontal bars in favor of a single transverse element, in addition to incorporating a thicker chrome upper edge, while the lower one is now lighter, the least in comparison.

VW T-Roc 2022

Slightly modified lower lights design changes are also expected on the bumper. The same modifications will appear as we have seen in previous photos, in the T-Roc with an R-Line finish that will sport a much more aggressive front apron that mimics the huge air intakes of the T-Roc R and a more sporty rear bumper. As we can see in the images, the white prototype is the one that corresponds to this most attractive finish.

Our spies have not been able to photograph the interior of these two copies, so we imagine that the changes will affect the upholstery, decorative moldings, and the infotainment system, also including a more modern digital dashboard. In addition, the equipment is expected to be more generous, especially aids and driver assistance systems.

T-Roc 2022 Engine

About the mechanical part, Volkswagen may be betting on light hybridization, some of the engines benefiting from a distinctive ECO that until now has not reached the compact SUV range. Recall that the T-Roc is available with diesel and gasoline engines, with powers ranging from 110 to 190 horsepower, not to mention the 300 CV of the R sports version. The transmission can be a six-speed manual or DSG automatic. seven, with the possibility of having a four-wheel drive on some versions.

Our spies tell us that the updated T-Roc will hit dealerships in the spring or summer of 2022, while the T-Roc R will do the same in late fall. In addition, as we could also see a few months ago, the T-Roc Cabriolet convertible body, which we also recently spotted, will also benefit from the update. We will be attentive to future news.

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