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VW Passat 2024: Will it be in the US Market?

Contrary to what was assumed, the VW Passat will have a substitute… at least in Europe. Of course, the sedan will debut an important new range. In the US it does leave the market.

No, she’s not dead. Even though we have spent months burying some of the main sedans on the market, which has been showing a significant drop in sales for years, the Volkswagen Passat will continue to exist. At least in Europe, since in North America, the end of its marketing has already been announced. In our continent there was speculation about it; however, the latest information ensures that it will remain in the range… although not as it is currently.

And it is that Volkswagen is already testing on our roads what will be the ninth generation of the VW Passat, of which, thanks to our German colleagues from Auto Motor und Sport, we can tell you the first details today. In addition, our illustrator Schulte also offers us the first drawings of what this new model will look like.


The first and most important thing to know is that the new Volkswagen Passat is abandoning the 4-door sedan body. Instead, the German brand will launch a new sedan with this format, but reduced to 100% electric and will be independent: here we give you the details of a model that could be called Aero B or ID.6, more likely.

VW Passat 2024

What seems clear is that the new VW Passat will take a single familiar SW body, as the illustrations and the first spy images hunted in the development of the model already anticipate. As can be seen, the model will slightly renew its image, adopting new optics and bumpers and with a somewhat more sporty and dynamic line.


Another possible novelty that this new VW Passat 9 would bring would be its plug-in hybrid range. It is not yet certain that the offer will be reduced exclusively to this technology, being able to continue offering some diesel and gasoline versions with 48V light micro-hybridization; but the prototypes have only been seen in a plug-in hybrid variant, which fuels rumors that the future sedan opts for a range of very low emissions and the DGT Zero Emissions label.

Information coming from Germany would also suggest that this model would debut a new slightly updated and revised PHEV drive unit, which could differ from the current Passat GTE and be more efficient. Thus, the current system based on the 1.4 TSI petrol engine could be replaced by the 1.5 TSI Evo engine, with cylinder deactivation.

At the same time that it would reduce its consumption and emissions, the new Passat PHEV would include a new battery with more capacity than the current one, 13 kWh, also significantly increasing its 100% electric autonomy, which would already be around, like many new models that are announced, the 100 kilometers.

At the moment, this is all the information that we can tell you about the new Volkswagen Passat 9. In the coming weeks, we will surely continue to learn new details and, of course, we will tell you about them up to the minute.

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