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VW ID.1 New electric city car teased

A new VW electric city car is being planned. The manufacturer has teased the ID.1. Volkswagen will build a new electric car in 2025 that is smaller than the ID.3. It will share parts with two other new electric cars from Skoda and Cupra and will cost less than 35,000 euros.

  • The new VW electric car hinted at
  • Could be a preview of the new ID.1 city car
  • Should be smaller than the ID.3
  • Will be VW’s cheapest new electric car
  • Production is scheduled to begin in 2025

The Volkswagen Group (which also includes Skoda, SEAT, and Audi) has teased the design of a new compact electric VW. This new model could be called ID.1 when it goes on sale in 2025.

This new car will share many mechanical parts with the new electric cars from Cupra and Skoda and is set to replace the now-discontinued Volkswagen e-up as an alternative to the electric Fiat 500 and MINI Electric.


Volkswagen’s new teaser image doesn’t reveal much about the new car, but you can easily spot a few similarities to the larger ID.3.

For example, the central light bar that runs through the VW badge looks exactly like that of the current small electric car from VW. However, in this new sketch, the car has more pointed headlights and a more pronounced crease running down the side over the rear wheel.


VW ID.1 Interior

It’s not known if this new car will come with front and rear doors, but you can get a clue by checking out the teaser images that Volkswagen has also shared of two upcoming Skoda and Cupra electric cars (shown below).

Both the Skoda (above) and the new Cupra (below) appear to have a boxy, four-door body.

With this, Volkswagen is following the recent trend of dropping the sportier three-door hatchbacks in favor of more practical four-door models.


The cabin of VW’s new small city car could take cues from today’s ID.3 and ID.4 EVs, or borrow from the ID. Life concept (see above) for a little inspiration.

Engine and performance

It is not to be expected that a future compact electric car from VW will take over the electric motor of the ID.-Life (car pictured above). With 234 hp it made about 30 hp more than a Ford Fiesta ST Hot Hatch. That’s probably a bit excessive for a tiny city car…

A future VW city car could do well with the ID.3’s entry-level 145 hp engine.


Battery and range

VW’s future electric city car may use the 58 kWh battery from the entry-level ID.3. These have a claimed range of around 350 kilometers, but a future ID.1 would be smaller and possibly lighter, allowing it to go further on a single charge.

NVW ID.1 prices and the start of sales

Volkswagen has yet to confirm what this new car will be called but has said it will go into production in 2025 alongside new electric cars from Skoda and Cupra.

As the entry-level model in VW’s electric car range (which currently includes the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5, with more on the way), the new car will be the most affordable of the range. When the car comes on the market in a few years you will have to pay less than €35,000.

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