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VW Golf 9 Will it come in 2026?

According to Volkswagen’s previous series logic, the VW Golf 9 would be on the program in 2026. But whether the bestseller has a future is uncertain.

What’s next for the car that’s so important to Volkswagen, the heir to the Beetle? Will the VW Golf 9 come in 2026?? The brand and the entire group are committed to electrification. Will we need an electric Golf in the future, when the ID.3 is already on the market as the first of a whole new type of VW? Golf is more than a product description. It is its strong brand with sub-brands such as GTI, GTD, GTE, or simply R. But as a classic combustion engine, it stands in the way of VW’s CO2 targets and electrification plans.

By 2030, 70 percent of all new VWs will be fully electric. From a cost perspective, a compact electric vehicle would be the best solution because it is cheaper than a VW Golf 9, provided the volume is right. The Wolfsburg plant needs around 700,000 vehicles per year to be profitable. Currently, people are thinking about a mass-compatible e-car, that could replace the Golf and the Polo at the same time and then, with some distance, also roll off the assembly line as a Skoda.

Let’s call it ID.2. Less variety than today, but better materials speak for this solution, which is also still tempting for end customers and also supports VW’s ambitious goals for CO2 neutrality. Not to be forgotten are the ever stricter environmental regulations, which, depending on the model, require additional expenditure of 2000 to 3000 euros for exhaust after-treatment.

VW Golf 9

The risk that Volkswagen did without a VW Golf 9: Customers who have driven umpteen Golf generations do not necessarily buy an electric car just because VW wants it that way. The big old name, the tens of millions of previous owners, all of this should swing the pendulum in the direction of a new Golf edition.

VW Golf 9

The same applies here: the market will decide. The most likely scenario: Today’s Golf, which is based on the modular transverse matrix (currently 90 to 320 hp) with its three- and four-cylinder combustion engines, will be increasingly hybridized, its engine portfolio will be streamlined, the car will have new clothing and its construction time will be extended – so the VW Golf would run 9 2026 until the electric ones have fully established themselves. Perhaps most importantly, it must say golf. Source; autozeitung

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