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VW Golf 2023: First Details & Photos

Volkswagen has barely presented the eighth-generation model of its Golf and already there is talk of the next version of the product. The question that was raised during the unveiling is whether we were in the presence of the last Golf that will be powered by a combustion engine.

Volkswagen’s response was not long in coming. In fact, in an interview with Top Gear magazine, Lars Hentschel, who works in the company’s engine department, confirmed that the company will still have gasoline-powered engines 10 years from now.

There’s no way we’re going to have a 100% electrified range in 2030. Even my boss, Mr. Diess (Volkswagen’s CEO), isn’t optimistic about the idea. It would just be too much.
Lars Hentschel, Volkswagen

He said he was confident there would be a ninth-generation Golf in 2023 or 2024, considering the usual product renewal cycle.
What is happening, in truth, is that with the accelerated development of its electrified lineup, Volkswagen is giving the impression that within a few years it will only be offering plug-in vehicles. Besides, she has Tesla in her sights, but Elon Musk’s company is coming to an important high point in its history; Volkswagen won’t have it easy.

What is more plausible is that we see the electrical division of the company take off, but that at the same time, the traditional models powered by combustion engines are still in the game. The latter will even be able to benefit from partial electrification, as will be the case with the GTE version of the model which will offer an electric range of around 60 kilometers (Europe) thanks to the use of a lithium-ion battery of 13 kWh.

VW Golf 2023

Variants bearing the ETSI name will also be on the menu, which will benefit from a light hybridization system aimed at reducing fuel consumption. The gasoline-powered Volkswagen Golf is here to stay, so if we easily imagine a ninth-generation equipped with this type of mechanism, that takes us practically to the year 2035.

It’s a long way off, but in 15 years, one thing will be certain; the automotive landscape will have changed greatly compared to today. In the meantime, we will have to be patient before we see the eighth generation of the Golf arrive; the latter will reach us well after the European debut of the product.

Photos; Auto-moto

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