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VW Amarok 2022: Now Official, Details & Photos

Pickup fans can look forward to a new VW Amarok in 2022. VW Commercial Vehicles has issued draft designs for the new model. We have the pictures and all the current information for you.

The VW Amarok is versatile and a real off-roader. The new generation of models will be presented in 2022 and it should be even better equipped for difficult situations than its predecessor.

  • 3rd generation of the Amarok
  • First design sketches published
  • Confident appearance
  • New outside and inside
  • Significantly more assistance systems
  • Presentation in 2022
  • Can be ordered in Europe from the end of 2022

When it comes to hard-to-reach places, enormous loads, or impassable areas, the VW Amarok is in its element. As an emergency vehicle on construction sites or even as a transport vehicle for game rangers in Africa – the Amarok feels at home where it gets difficult.

New Design

The new Amarok generation is getting a new look because VW wants to emphasize the “Volkswagen DNA” more clearly. In plain English, this means that the Amarok has clear lines and a very distinctive front and the so-called X design clearly shows that it only feels comfortable at the top. The new Amarok should radiate strength and power, which is why it has been given a broad chest so that it can support its new owners in all situations.

VW Amarok 2022 Interior
VW Amarok 2022 Interior

VW Amarok 2022 interior

The interior is also to be realigned. Above all, you can look forward to a large number of new assistance systems with the Amarok. These should help to prepare the Amarok even better for its areas of application and to allow customers to reach their destination without any problems. Everyday life is supposed to be made easier and more comfortable – that’s why we concentrated precisely on this inside, without wanting to turn the Amarok into a style vehicle – because it is not.

The design sketch shows that the interior is very functional, everything you need is within reach, the look is modern but rather reserved and robust. The seats look comfortable and convenient without forgetting that you will be moving in rough terrain.

VW Amarok 2022 Price

The VW Amarok will be presented in 2022 and should then be available for order in Europe at the end of 2022. The market launch is not expected until spring 2023. Nothing is known about prices yet.

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