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Volvo XC90 2022: the third generation of the large SUV

Volvo promises great surprises in the new generation of the XC90, its representative vehicle in the large SUV segment. Here you have the first data of the new model that will debut in 2022.

Volvo is actively preparing to replace its XC90, a new generation that will be ready for its premiere in 2022. The new large SUV will mark a turning point in the Swedish automaker’s car range. It will be the first model of a new era, as it will start the new family of 100 percent electric vehicles.

With this new family of electric vehicles, the Scandinavian manufacturer will also change the name and denomination of its cars. According to recent statements by Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, future models of the brand will adopt ” a real name, as if it were a child “.

According to the unofficial information that Autospias.com has had access to, the new generation XC90 will be the first SUV-type vehicle to abandon the XC prefix. The other big change will be related to the technical platform of this car, a new model destined to become the brand’s flagship.

Will it be 100% electric?

Volvo XC90 2022

From a technical point of view, the third generation of the SUV – whose definitive name is initially unknown – will be based on the specific SPA II platform for 100% electric vehicles. According to the basic lines of operation and configuration of this architecture, the batteries will not be placed under the floor but will form directly from the floor to further increase the rigidity of the chassis. Their energy density should increase by 50% compared to current batteries, so they should provide a range close to 1,000 km. These new 800V batteries would cut charging times by about half.

Regarding its design, the new resulting model could inherit many aesthetic elements already seen in the XC Recharge. What it will keep will be its great bodywork, with a wheelbase that should be around 3 meters, while its cabin should be configured with three rows of seats to accommodate a total of 7 occupants.

Volvo XC90 2022

Volvo XC90 2022 Interior

The interior design should be inspired by that of the Recharge concept, with prominence for a large vertically positioned touch screen. The operating system for the multimedia team will be developed in partnership with Google.

In terms of safety equipment, its different systems will be based on Lidar technology and through a complex system of radars, cameras, and sensors placed throughout the vehicle that will work in a coordinated manner at all times.

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