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Volkswagen will fire the leadership of CARIAD for the disastrous situation of its software division

In the middle of last year, the Volkswagen Group announced by surprise the dismissal of its CEO, Herbert Diess. His replacement at the head of the company, Oliver Blumehas reversed its electrification strategy, postponing the presentation of some models mainly due to the poor performance of CARIAD.

The numerous delays accumulated by the group’s software division have made it necessary to change the launch schedule of the platforms PPE and SSP, which were to debut respectively in 2023 and 2026 with the Porsche Macan and Volkswagen Trinity. These architectures and the vehicles based on them will not finally see the light of day until 2024 and 2028.

Despite the changes promoted by Blume, CARIAD still hasn’t resolved its development problemsWhich is why, according to sources familiar with the matter, Volkswagen plans to fire virtually all members of the software unit’s executive board. Apparently, only one of them would keep his position: Rainer Zugehör, the unit’s chief of staff.

Although CARIAD has exceeded its budget and is having difficulties meeting its objectives, a Volkswagen spokesman has assured in the last hours that software development continues to be an integral part of the company’s future strategy.

Volkswagen SSP platform

Volkswagen will transform the Trinity sedan into a crossover

Taking advantage of CARIAD’s delay in developing the software architecture 2.0 for the SSP platform, Blume has decided to reorient the Trinity projectwhich in the end will not be a 4.60 meter long sedan, but a streamlined crossover Located between the Tiguan and Touareg, which could mean that it will replace the current ID.4 within Volkswagen’s zero-emission range.

However, its target specifications will be maintained, including a range of 700km WLTP and a starting price of 35,000 euros before aid. Of course, it will be a software-defined vehicle, and it will launch an advanced level 2+ autonomous driving system capable of reaching level 4 when the legislation allows it.

While the Trinity could replace the ID.4, the ninth-generation Golf (which will go 100% electric) will do the same with the ID.3. The renovated compact, which could take the trade name ID. Golfit will also be based on the SSP platform, which means that it could see the light of day in 2028-2029 at the latest.

Source | Automotive News Europe

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