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Volkswagen wants to reduce the waiting list and will increase production of the ID. buzz

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz was a heralded success. An electric van that also appeals to the nostalgic part of many customers, and that has managed to win over thousands of buyers. Many more than the German brand is capable of producing, which has just confirmed that they will speed up work to increase the pace of manufacturing.

According to the German manufacturer, up to now they have manufactured 32,000 units of the ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Charge. The industry version. The main problem is that the demand is much higher, and so far fewer than 10,000 units have been delivered.

A number that according to Volkswagen, will multiply rapidly. This has been confirmed by the executive director of the Volkswagen industrial division, Carsten Intra, who has admitted that the current deliveries are being delayed until the third quarter of this year.

To try to reduce delivery times, Volkswagen will increase production speed at the Hannover plant. Something that will allow them to increase the pace until 44,000 units per year.

The bad news is that these updates to the production lines will not be ready until mid-2024, when the production line of the Volkswagen T6.1, a diesel model that will make way for the electric van, is eliminated, so the interested in the ID Buzz, in addition to a good budget, they will have to be patient.

If all goes as planned, from mid-2024 production in Hannover will gradually expand to a rate of 650-700 per day, or a rate of 200,000-250,000 units per year, which will would place closer and closer to the maximum capacity of this facility, located at 1,000 units per dayabout 350,000 units per year.

This will allow Volkswagen to speed up delivery times, and also launch new versions, such as the long variant that will allow for increased cargo capacity or seats and that will arrive this summer, and also reach new markets, such as the United States. , where it will launch in 2024.

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