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Volkswagen studies manufacturing in India the ID.1, its future electric car of 20,000 euros

Volkswagen is looking into making its next entry-level electric car, the ID.1, in India. This model, which will have a starting price of less than 20,000 euros, will hit the market in approximately 2027. “That is the true Champions League. We have to make a car that is affordable.”declares the executive director of the brand, Thomas Schaefer.

With everything, the units destined for the European market will possibly be assembled in the old continent. “It doesn’t matter where you produce the car, be it Germany, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe. What matters is that it takes you a maximum of 15 hours to build it». Regardless of the plant chosen, a high level of automation will be opted for.

Schaefer has dropped that the MEB Entry platform already seen in the CUPRA Urban Rebel Concept and VW ID. 2all concept, whose production versions (CUPRA Raval and Volkswagen ID. Golf) will be made in Martorell (Barcelona). The manager has confirmed that, like the access variants of these models, the ID.1 will use LFP (lithium-ferrophosphate) batteries.

With the aim of reducing costs, Volkswagen does not rule out sharing platform with an external partner. “Either you solve the problem with scaling, or you reduce the battery size, or you partner up and scale it further. We haven’t decided yet.”. Everything indicates that part of the development of the new car will be carried out by Skoda.

CUPRA Urban Rebel Concept

Skoda will carry out part of the development of the Volkswagen ID.1

«[En este momento] the questions are: How big will the battery be? What autonomy will it have? What will be the supply chain and the carbon dioxide balance of that supply chain, inbound and outbound? Where the car will be built is on page two.”Explain Christian VollmerHead of Production at Volkswagen.

A few days ago, Schaefer confirmed the possibility that the final name is not ID.1. Previous information indicates that the final denomination could be ID. pole. “The Polo is very successful and one of our icons, and we are going to use that concept vehicle in the future as well. We don’t know yet if we will use the same name. We are working on these iconic names to make sense of the future product line.” It would not be ruled out that the ID.1/ID. Polo will have derivatives from SEAT and Skoda, which will be in charge of replacing the Mii/Citigo and Ibiza/Fabia respectively.

Source | Automotive News Europe

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