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Volkswagen joins the price war started by Tesla and lowers its electric cars

Last January Tesla opened the box of thunder by confirming a significant price drop for its models around the world. A reduction that in some cases has exceeded 10% and that has had a very profound impact, provoking the reaction of other groups. Now it’s been Volkswagen which has confirmed that it will significantly reduce the prices of its electric cars in the Chinese market.

Coinciding with the second anniversary of the arrival of the Volkswagen ID family in China, the German manufacturer has applied a reduction of up to 40,000 yuan, 5,400 euros to change, in their electric ones. An action they have indicated will be temporary.

But the sales figures for electric models in China are still pretty bad. This despite the fact that in the period of January and February, registrations of this type of vehicle have continued to grow in the Asian giant. A market that has seen its electric sales increase by 20% in February, at a time when registrations of combustion models have been cut by 15.2%.

But these data do not extend to Volkswagen, which has seen its two proposals for China, the ID. 4 and the ID. 6, have barely reached 9,572 units between January and February of this year. A modest figure that also means a year-on-year drop of 8.3%. A rather worrying dynamic.

We can compare these numbers with the most active in terms of sales of electric models, and for example BYD has enrolled no less than 316,417 units in the first two months of the year, including plug-in hybrids.

Electric car sales in China: January-February 2023. Source CNEVPOST

Tesla It has been placed second, very far from BYD, but taking into account that the Americans only sell pure electric cars. A trademark that has registered a total of 60,766 units delivered between January and February, with SAIC-Wuling in third position with its 50,433 units.

A situation where Volkswagen needs to take a step forward to prevent its sales from continuing to fall and the brand from being diluted in the main world automobile market, where if there is no change in trend, the Germans could disappear in a few years.

Now the question is whether the price drop will be enough for a family of electric cars that in China starts at 195,800 yuan (26,400 euros) for the ID.4, the 259,888 yuan for the ID.6 (35,134 euros). Two models that have as a reference the 261,900 yuan in which the Tesla Model Y Standard starts, about 35,400 euros to change.

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