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Volkswagen introduces a new, more powerful and efficient electric motor for the ID family.

Volkswagen has presented a new generation electric motor for the ID family, which will officially debut in a few days with the imminent ID.7. However, it is possible that we actually already knew about this engine before, since the specifications announced by the company coincide with those of the Ford Explorerwhich is based precisely on the MEB platform of the German group.

Unit APP550 It will offer greater performance combined with better efficiency, which will benefit both the performance and consumption of Volkswagen’s upcoming electric vehicles. The first models equipped with the new engine will begin delivery at the end of the year.

This first version will have a power of 286 PS (210 kW), surpassing the 231 CV (170 kW) currently offered by the CUPRA Born. As we have indicated before, the powertrain has been specifically designed for the MEB modular platform, on which most of the manufacturer’s zero-emission vehicles are based.

“Because the available space hasn’t changed, we were forced to develop a new unit that would achieve significant improvements in performance and efficiency despite being subject to the same limitations. It was a great challenge for the Technical Development and Group Components team. The result shows that we were able to reduce the use of raw materials and at the same time achieved a considerable improvement in vehicle efficiency.”Explain Karsten BennewitzDirector of Propulsion Train Development.


The Ford Explorer and Volkswagen ID.7 will debut the APP550 unit

The maximum torque offered by the 286 hp unit will be 550Nm, depending on the gear ratio used. This largest pair is achieved thanks to an improved stator with a higher number of windings and a larger wire cross section. The rotor for its part is equipped with a more powerful permanent magnet.

With the aim of improving efficiency, Volkswagen has optimized the thermal management system, which works without the need to use an electrically driven oil pump. Thus, the system can be cooled independently through the transmission sprockets and a series of components specifically designed for the supply and distribution of oil, which is cooled by the vehicle’s refrigeration circuit. The exterior of the stator features a water heat sink.

The powertrain will be manufactured at the Volkswagen Group Components plant in Kassel, Germany. “We have been developing electric motors […] for 15 years, and we have also been producing them here for more than 10 years. Based on our many years of experience, we optimize the system by […] customized machining processes, and thus we were able to significantly increase efficiency»remark alexander krickHead of Technical Development for E-Drive, Power Electronics and Transmission at Volkswagen Group Components.

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