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Volkswagen Arteon 2023: First Details & Photos

During the second half of 2023, Volkswagen will launch the upgrade of its large Arteon sedan. The model will coexist with the new ID.7, a 100% electric sedan.

The sedans do not disappear from Volkswagen … although they do evolve. If the Passat is going to completely modify its range, practically relegated to its family version, the brand will compete in the sedan category with its new ID.7, an unprecedented 100% electric sedan that we have already been able to practically get to know thanks to the advance ID. Aero was unveiled last week by the German manufacturer itself.

Now, this week we know that VW’s offer in the world of saloons will not be there. As shown today by various international media, a new Volkswagen Arteon is already rolling in the last phase of testing. Still, with the camouflaged bodywork, its update is scheduled to hit the market during the second half of 2023, to further stretch a generation that already had a review in 2020. 

Few Changes on the Outside, More Inside

Do not expect, therefore, a profound aesthetic evolution in the attractive 5-door coupé sedan. Some slight changes in the headlights, on the grill, on the bumpers, and pilots should mark its renewal, while a range that will add new wheels and body colors. Little more: only the existence of some new sensors also suggests, logically, that the model will have more driving assistance systems and the latest safety devices implemented by the brand.

Volkswagen Arteon 2023

More revealing, on the other hand, seem the first images that have been leaked in these same media about the interior of the new VW Arteon. According to this information, the previous central screen embedded under the air vents will remain behind in the new saloon to give entrance to a more modern environment and follow the brand’s new creations. The screen will now go up and with much larger dimensions.

Also, the imposing gear lever will foreseeably be replaced by a control located behind the steering wheel, in the style of the new ID models. The digital instrumentation will also have a squarer design, more in the style of the Golf 8, while the perceived quality of the whole will rise several bars to live up to what can be expected from a model of its size.

Volkswagen Arteon 2023

Volkswagen Arteon 2023: Gasoline, Diesel, and Plug-in Hybrid Engines

Manufactured in Emden, Germany, as well as the next VW ID.7, the new Arteon will arrive in a conventional and shooting brake version. The forecast is that its range of engines does not have any major modification either. In its range of thermal engines, we again expect the 1.5 TSI petrol versions with 150 hp and the 2.0 TSI with 190 hp, or the 320 hp of the Arteon R version, while the diesel will predictably return to the 2.0 TDI with 150 and 200 hp of power.

Volkswagen Arteon 2023

However, within its plug-in hybrid offer, the Arteon eHybrid could already replace the “old” 1.4 TSI gasoline engine with a more efficient and modern 1.5 TSI. Currently, this version is offered in the Arteon with an output of 218 hp.

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