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Turn your old Mini into electric with this kit that costs “barely” 17,000 euros

The conversion of vehicles already on the road is a modality with a long tradition and at the same time mistreated by legislation. A sustainable alternative that proposes to keep cars in circulation, simply changing its heart, which avoids having to produce a car from scratch. Now, the British from Electrogenic have launched a new kit that proposes us to electrify a true classic. The mini.

After launching kits for models such as the Land Rover Defender, the Jaguar E-Type, the Porsche 911, the Triumph Stag or the legendary Citroën shark, the DS, Electrogenic has designed a kit for another of the most iconic models on the market. He Classic mini.

The kit comes fully assembled and integrated into a front subframe that sits in the place of the gasoline engine. Everything pre-assembled and wired, including the battery. In fact, all the qualified mechanic we commissioned the job is to bolt on the kit, wire up the throttle and in-dash information system, and you’re done.

Unlike other conversion kits, this is not exactly a kit designed to get a car running for a leisurely drive. And it is that the system has a motor of 60 HP and a torque of 135 Nm available from zero revs. Something that added to the low weight of the Mini, ensures us a few afternoons of fun behind the wheel.

This motor is powered by a battery 20 kWh that give you autonomy 130 kilometers with each charge. A figure that those interested can increase with the option of a larger capacity pack.

Regarding the economic issue, the price of the kit is £15,00017,184 euros at the current exchange rate, to which must be added taxes and the cost of assembly in the event that we commission an expert to install it.

A passionate, nostalgic alternative, although as we can see it also requires an economic effort to give a new life to a classic.

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