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This Tesla Model X can fire 8 thousand rounds per minute

In the United States of America, the transformation and adaptation of vehicles is part of the cultural tradition to which the electric car does not seem to escape. An example of this is found in the last video published by FullMag, where they present their new Tesla Model XR556 which has, as its name suggests, two machine guns with 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition specification: NATO (NATO).

The transformation of Tesla’s largest, most luxurious and most expensive SUV has been necessary to be able to house, not just a professional station to prepare the best caffè espresso, located in the trunk of the vehicle, but when unfolding the two rear doors (Falcon Doors), an articulated system deploys two rotating mini-machine guns, which turn the zero-emission vehicle into an attack vehicle.

The Tesla Model XR556 has been created for Black Rifle Coffee, a coffee company founded by veterans of the US military.

Machine guns connected to the battery of the electric SUV

One of the profound modifications they have made is this aggressive 100% electric SUV, in addition to those made at the body level, they are derived from the installation of the deployable supports of the two machine gunners that are deployed out from the sides of the vehicle, once the rear doors are raised.

The system that allows this operation is directly connected to the vehicle’s battery, which provides the necessary energy to start up all the military paraphernalia.

From what is clear from the images in the video, to be able to operate the machine guns in Tesla Model X it must be stopped, so you cannot ‘attack’ targets with the SUV in motion.

A coffee after pulling the trigger

The system to prepare the best coffees that includes a coffee machine, model Marzocco GS3, is not connected to the car system, and relies on a Yeti Goal Zero portable battery system, which serves as a mobile battery.

This decision is probably due to the fact that the car will be used as show car at fairs and coffee shops, to get the public’s attention.

The weapon system used is capable of firing 8,000 rounds per minute between the two mini-machine guns.

Weaponry available

The equipment chosen for this electric SUV are two Profense PF 556 mini-machine guns. This model has an effective range of 900 meters and has a variable speed weapon control unit (GCU), programmable by the operator, which allows you to regulate speed and firepower, independently for each weapon.

The ammunition used by this aggressive Tesla is the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO (NATO). The suppression range is 1,100 meters. The system can be controlled remotely and is intended for light vehicles, naval vessels, aircraft, remote weapons systems (RWS), unmanned vehicles, drones, VIP escorts, and now, the Tesla Model X.

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