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this is the government’s response

Electric cars will see how their prices are reduced over time. But, for when? He Government makes a bet on what will happen until the arrival of the year 2035.

One of the barriers faced by the electric vehicle is its price. Although the cost of combustion engine vehicles has grown in recent years, that of electric vehicles has also done so. Perhaps they are a more profitable alternative in the medium and long term, yes, but the high outlay involved in its purchase still puts off many buyers.

with the year 2035 on the horizon like date for the end of the production of vehicles with thermal engine (with the last-minute exception of synthetic fuels), the electric vehicle faces a journey in which it should establish itself as a realistic alternative.

Will the prices of electric cars fall?

In Spainfor example, the sector grows continuously month after month: although in our country the sales of this type of vehicle increased by 39.9% in March Compared to the previous year, however, it is still a very small niche compared to the overall market.

The former Minister of Industry refers to the price of electric cars for 2035.

He Government of Spain has referred to this hot topic and, in parliamentary response registered with Congress has once again defended the ban on combustion vehicles.

The former Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, maroto kingsadmitted that current prices for electric cars are «very expensive”; however, he acknowledges that it still exists “sufficient time frame” for the electric vehicle to reach affordable prices, they can be accessed without “no problem” and there is a charging infrastructure “adequate”. The reference date, as we said, is 2035.

In just one year, according to figures from the OCU, the average prices of new cars increased by 8.5%. In the case of some models of electric cars in particular, this increase has been 16%.

However, different studiesamong which is included the one carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems Research and Innovation, reveal that the electric car Now a real alternative. Above all, if we count the costs involved in a vehicle in the long term, beyond the acquisition cost: assessing the cost of energy, maintenance, aid for its purchase… we find interesting figures.

Ferrari and Porsche, the big beneficiaries of the exemption to synthetic fuels

For example, comparing the use over 10 years of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range against an equivalent like the gasoline Volkswagen Passat, the one hundred percent electric model would allow us to save on average about 11,221 euros. Of course, in this case, meeting certain requirements, such as taking advantage of the lower costs of recharging at home.

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