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This is the first Tesla V4 Supercharger station

A few days ago we saw the first jobs at a station Tesla in the Netherlands. It was not just another opening, but rather the first of the new generation of V4 Superchargerswhich we have now been able to see already assembled and ready to go into operation.

This V4 station is located in the city of Harderwijk, and as we can see in the images provided by the Twitter account fritsvanens (@fritsvanens) the new points will be black and white, instead of red and white as in the case of the current stations.

We can also see another important change, and that is that the points They have a higher height. Something that has the consequence that Tesla will be able to install a longer cordwhich will facilitate the connection to all kinds of cars, and will also do so in the case of industrial models.

The Harderwijk station has a total of 16 V4 points, but at the moment we do not know what power it will have, and if it will maintain the 250 kW peak of the V3, or on the contrary, Tesla will take the opportunity to offer higher figures.

During the installation process, some curious people managed to take photos of the new V4 posts without the casing, and with this we have been able to see the differences with respect to the V3 points.

We can see that although the electrical part is similar, it has been distributed differently, with a little more space. There also seems to be a liquid cooling system, deposits in the upper left, which will take up a good part of the extra space. An aspect that leads us to think of an increase in power from the 250 kW from the V3, to the 350 kW.

The question that many ask is why Tesla has given priority to Europe in this deployment. The answer may be that in our market competition in the public charge sector is much greater than in the United States. Something that would have led them to accelerate expansion plans in our market, where there are more and more operators.

This first Tesla V4 station is expected to come online at the end of this March. Moment in which a new generation of Superchargers will be inaugurated, and moment in which we will be able to know if, in addition to physical and design changes, this new version is also accompanied by technical innovations.

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