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These are the three important milestones achieved by electric mobility in Spain this 2023

This month of March, although it is not turning out particularly well in terms of growth for the electric carsyes it is leaving us signs that it is a trend that is here to stay, although in our country it advances more slowly than in our neighbors.

In this way, it is normal for milestones to be reached on a regular basis that show us that, although slow, progress is unstoppable.

nearing completion the first trimesterwhich is traditionally the weakest to follow December, the month in which electric car inventories are emptied for various reasons such as complying with the increasingly demanding emission regulations or the end of some subsidies in some markets, is have exceeded 10,000 deliveries of pure electric passenger cars in Spain on March 28. A record for a quarter and still pending the closing and last minute registrations.

While it is true that some European brands are disappointing with their numbers, the novelty of this first quarter is made up of Tesla’s regular deliveries throughout the quarter from its German factory, which recently reached a production of 5,000 units in one week. , and every time higher deliveries of the MG4a model with an attractive price and great acceptance that last year at this time was not yet present. Almost one in three BEV registrations corresponded to one of these two brands.

Also on March 28, for the first time in a month, the 500 electric vans, probably due to the concurrence of various acquisitions for fleets. The figures of the van stand out Citroen Berlingo to which, in addition, we should add almost a hundred models registered in its passenger configuration and that stand out as a nationally manufactured product.

And finally, and also on March 28, the goals were reached for the first time. 50 electric buses in a single monthwith noteworthy additions in Leganés and Valencia, confirming that 2023 could indeed be the turning point for this segment.

To the 50 electric buses we could add 6 hydrogen buses, in another record month for this technology.

An article by Luis Valdés (@ValdesL2)

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