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These are the best electric scooters that you can buy for less than 400 euros, according to the OCU

If you are thinking of getting a electric scooter To move more efficiently and economically around the city, this is your moment. The Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has carried out an analysis of the best proposals for less than 400 euros.

In addition, from the OCU they make an appeal with several important details that all users should take into account. First, the request establish a “clear name” for these electric scooters, currently classified as Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP).

“Is it a scooter or a moped?” The OCU requests clear namessince some of the electric scooters that are sold today can exceed the 25 km/h, maximum set speed in Spain to be able to drive on the road with the VMP. Regulations that, for example, also affect the drivers of electric bikes.

If hunted faster, you could receive a penalty fee. The same if you are subjected to a breathalyzer or drug test, with economic sanctions of up to 1,000 euros. And also remember that you cannot circulate with a passenger or using your mobile phone or headphones.

The best electric scooters at the best price

Electric scooters have shown themselves to be an optimal solution for the Mobility through cities, in a practical and unpolluted way. Remember that to circulate with them –never on the sidewalks– you do not need to have any specific license or compulsory insurance, although the latter is more than recommended.

According to the OCU study, they can “find good models from just over 300 euros”. Specifically, the organization highlights these two models:

  • Cecotec Bongo A Connected: From 350 euros, this scooter weighs 13 kg and has an electric range of 13 kilometers. In its favor are the “excellent” endowment of brakes and equipment, with brake light and cruise control, its “good removable battery, the clarity of the information on the screen” and the fact of including a specific app. Against him, the “difficulties of accessibility to the inflation valve.”
  • Olson Rhino: from 340 euros, with 20 kilometers of autonomy and a weight of 15.7 kg. According to the OCU, it has “good brakes, clarity of information on the screen, easy to fold, includes app” and its endowment of equipment, which includes regenerative braking or cruise control. Against it plays its high weight and the fact that its battery is not removable.
The OCU offers a useful electric scooter comparator on its website.

The OCU website has a Electric scooter comparatorwhere you can find the best options with relevant information: its price (and its evolution), its average autonomy, weight, its general score, etc.

The Organization of Consumers and Users recommends those interested in buying an electric scooter “prioritize those models that include certain basic characteristics”. Among these, the following are included: inflatable wheels and the largest possible, rear disc brake, anti-theft system, that it has a specific app, as well as taking into account the weight and real autonomy, and that it adapts to the use that it is go give

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