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The Volkswagen ID. Long wheelbase Buzz with 3 rows of seats already has a presentation date

On June 2, Volkswagen will present the extended wheelbase version of the ID. buzz, his retro-futuristic electric van. The new variant, which will be the only one to be offered in the North American market, will grow to approximately 4.90 meters in length and will be available with three rows of seats.

The new model is expected to be accompanied by an unprecedented 85 kWh battery (At the moment the short is only available with a 77 kWh pack that gives it a maximum range of 418 km under the European WLTP cycle). It is possible that in parallel the expected variants with all-wheel drive will also debut, which could reach a maximum power of 340 HP (250 kW).

It is not clear if the long wheelbase body can also be associated with the cargo configuration (ID. Buzz Cargo) or if it will only be sold in a passenger version. In any case, it is confirmed that only the latter will arrive in the United States, since it will not be offered as a work vehicle, but as an aspirational and nostalgic minivan.

Cameron Batten, director of communications for the Volkswagen Group in the United States, places special emphasis on this last point, highlighting the fact that the ID. Buzz is a modern reinterpretation of the classic first (T1), second (T2) and third generation (T3) Transporter, officially known as Type 2 (since they were derived from the Beetle, which was actually called Type 1).

VW ID. buzz

The first International Volkswagen Bus Day will be held on June 2

To celebrate the legacy of these popular vehicles, which received all kinds of nicknames in their time (Samba, Kombi, etc.), the German firm has decided to create the event International Volkswagen Bus Day, which will take place every year on June 2. Surely this is the date chosen to present other future developments related to the ID. Buzz, see its California camper version, scheduled for 2025.

«You can call them Buses, Bullis or Kombis, the legacy that the Type 2 has left in modern culture is unparalleled. As we continue to introduce the 21st century electric successor to the Type 2, the ID. Buzz, we are delighted to create this annual day of celebration for Volkswagen bus fans and enthusiasts everywhere.”

Due to the success that the van is reaping in Europe, Volkswagen is gradually increasing its production capacity in Hannover (Germany)where the American units will also come from.

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