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The Volkswagen ID is presented by surprise. Next, a profoundly redesigned version of the ID.7 for China

For years, Volkswagen has been the best-selling brand in the Chinese market. Although in the first quarter of 2023 it was surpassed by BYD, the truth is that the weight of the German firm in this region continues to be enormoussomething that does not seem to be changing in the short term despite the fact that the demand for its electrical range ID. is not going through its best moment.

Currently, Volkswagen has paths joint venture with local manufacturers FAW and SAIC, which leads to a curious split in its range, since some of its models are manufactured by both joint ventures. Although their technical specifications are identical, the units of both manufacturers differ from each other both by name and by some small aesthetic modifications.

While FAW produces the ID.4 Crozz and ID.6 CrozzSAIC sells those same models as ID.4X and ID.6X. As we have indicated before, the differences between one and the other do not go beyond the aesthetic plane. Interestingly, the ID.3 is made solely by SAIC, which tells us that the simultaneous release strategy might be coming to an end.

This has become clear after the presentation of the ID.7 saloon, which in China will receive the surname Vizzion and will be assembled by FAW. However, unlike the ID.3, a version produced by SAIC with a very different design will also be added later. Volkswagen has already shown a preview of this model with the prototype ID. Nextwhich has been shown during the Shanghai Auto Show.

VW ID. Next

The VW ID. Next will not arrive in Europe

As can be seen in the images, the aesthetics of the ID. next sample much more profound changes compared to the ID.7 Vizzion than the ID.4 Crozz and ID.6 Crozz compared to the ID.4 X and ID.6 X. Headlights, bumpers, lights and even the side line are completely changed, giving it a more modern and stylized look.

The smaller third window and shark fin C-pillar give it a visually lighter and more compact profile than its brother, despite the fact that their dimensions will be practically identical. Initially, the aesthetics of the ID. Next will not have a replica in our market, since the European ID.7 will be identical to the FAW ID.7 Vizzion.

From a technical point of view, there should be no changes. Recall that the Volkswagen ID.7 will be available at first with a 286 hp (210 kW) engine and two 77 and 85 kWh batteries. The autonomy will be located in 615km WLTP with the first pack and in 700km WLTP with the second. Both variants will take 25 minutes to go from 10 to 80% charge, reaching a maximum power of 170 and 200 kW in direct current. Later versions with all-wheel drive and even a variant with a family body will be added.

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