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The Volkswagen ID.2 will be presented next week: this will be the 22,500-euro electric car that will be manufactured in Spain

According to the British media CoachOn March 15, Volkswagen will unveil a concept preview of its next access electric car, the ID.2. This long-awaited model, which will be manufactured in Martorell (Barcelona), will be a twin brother on CUPRA Ravalwhose aesthetic was advanced a few months ago by the UrbanRebel Concept prototype.

The Volkswagen ID.2, which will replace the Pole Within the range of the German manufacturer, it will compete in segment B (utility). Previous information indicates that it will have a target base price of 22,500 euros, so it will be much more affordable than the ID.3, which is currently around 40,000 euros before aid.

Our protagonist will settle on the front-wheel drive version of the MEB+ platform. This configuration will allow significant weight savings compared to rear-wheel drive models like the ID.3 itself. Initially, it will not have versions with all-wheel drive, although it could enjoy a high-performance variant of 226 PS (166 kW) with the initials GTX or GTI.

Just as the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept corresponded 95% to the standard CUPRA Raval, the prototype that we will see next Wednesday will be very close to the final Volkswagen ID.2. In the absence of confirmation, we can expect that its dimensions are similar to those of its Hispanic brother (4.03 meters long1.57 meters high…).

CUPRA Urban Rebel Concept

The Volkswagen ID.2 will be the brother of the CUPRA Raval

Initially, it will be available with two types of batteries: one with LFP (lithium-ferrophosphate) cells of approximately 40 kWh which should allow it to exceed the 300km WLTP of autonomy, and another with NCM cells (nickel, cobalt, manganese) of about 60 kWh with which it will standardize a maximum of 440km WLTP.

The batteries will come from a new gigafactory located in Sagunto (Valencia). As for the load, the car should be able to recover about 160 km of autonomy in 10 minutes, although the peak power that it will admit is not yet clear.

VW ID. Life concept

While the CUPRA Raval will begin assembly in July 2025, his Volkswagen twin will be made to wait two or three more months. Both models are being developed under the umbrella of the Small BEV project, through which the group seeks to roll out a range of small, relatively affordable electric vehicles for the European market.

The latest rumors indicate that, as part of Volkswagen’s new product strategy, the ID.2 could be renamed the ID. polegiving continuity to one of the most iconic names of the manufacturer.

Source | Coach

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