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The Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD is now available in Europe from 44,970 euros

A few weeks ago we knew that Tesla would recover one of the most interesting configurations of the Model 3. The one that had rear-wheel drive, a single engine, and that had the advantage of achieving greater autonomy and a somewhat lower price. Now, this version is already on the Tesla page, but in already configured units.

And it is that throughout its almost six years for sale, the Tesla Model 3 has been varying its offer according to demand and this has been made up of a variety of versions that combined different mechanical configurations, rear wheel drive, all wheel driveas well as battery capacities (Standard Range, Standard Range +, Long Range, and even chemical (LFP, NCM, NCA).

One of the most interesting variants was the missing Long Range Rear Wheel Drive, RWDwhich was the first to start manufacturing when Model 3 hit the market in 2017. This model combined the largest battery with a propulsion system made up of a single motor that acted on the rear axle (hence its trade name Rear -wheel Drive, rear wheel drive).

Despite its many strengths, in 2019 Tesla made the decision to eliminate this variant with the aim of prioritizing sales of the more expensive…and profitable all-wheel drive models. As a result of this move, the RWD configuration was reserved for the affordable Standard Range until the entry into operation of Giga Shanghai.

Now, Tesla has rectified and has put this version back on sale, which at first was indicated that it would be intended only for fleets.

But if we enter the Tesla website, we can see by a lake that the autonomy of this model is not the 634 km WLTP that had been indicated, but 620 km, which are a small improvement over the 602 km of the Long Range Dual Motor. Something that could tell us that it is an estimate and not an approved figure.

Furthermore, we also see that anyone can buy the units shown on the page. We simply have to indicate the Tesla store where we want the delivery to be made, since they all arrive from the Dutch port of Rotterdam, make the payment of 250 euros for the down payment, and wait for confirmation to complete the process.

A version that curiously is cheaper in Spain than in the rest of the markets we have seen, starting at 44,970 euros for a blank unit and without any added accessories. A price that even indicates the description we can reduce by 1,210 euros thanks to the Moves III Plan.

This assumes, without taking aid into account, that the Model 3 Long Range RWD is available for 5,020 euros less than the version with all-wheel drive. Of course, a variant that can access the 4,500 euros of state aid, 7,000 euros if we scrapped a vehicle, which taking into account the return in next year’s declaration would bring the final figures much closer.

But if we do not want to fight with the aid, and we are looking for a more efficient version, which should also consume less front tires, this version with rear-wheel drive can be an excellent alternative.

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