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The radical Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is seen during its last tests

Porsche is working on a response to the Tesla Model S Plaid. And as is often the case, they are taking it seriously to put something on the market that lives up to expectations. It is the most brutal version of the Taycan. The German electric saloon that has been hunted during tests on European roads, where we have been able to see an almost final version that brings small but striking changes.

Although physically there will be no major changes, apart from the inclusion of a huge and striking rear wing, the version Turbo GT Avistada mounts some attractive new wheels that fit perfectly with the black vinyl that covers the body. A combination that Porsche has not always successfully achieved with its Taycan.

On an aesthetic level, it will be differentiated by having a new front bumper with integrated splitter, a large spoiler and a newly made diffuser. In the first spy images of the vehicle, it can be seen that it will also be equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, a solution that matches its brutal performance.

Regarding the previous filtered photos, we also see that the dressing that had been placed on the front window has disappeared, which possibly hid some kind of sensor for the self-piloted driving system. An element that has disappeared, or that has been integrated.

But without a doubt the main change is the disappearance of the charging port on the left side. As we remember, the Taycan has two charging sockets. One on the right side where you can charge in alternating and direct current.

But it also adds a second take on the left side, equipped with a Type 2 input and designed for AC charging in places where it is not easy to reach the other side of the vehicle. An entrance located in the front wing.

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