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The Polestar 5 is shown in more detail in this new video

The battle in the area of ​​representative and electric sedans has only just begun. Today we have known new details of the next rival for the Tesla Model S, Mercedes EQS, Lucid Air or Porsche Taycan. We talk about Polestar 5, which today we know a little more in detail thanks to the latest video of the Swedish brand.

The fifth member of the Polestar family will hit the market in just two years. A four-door electric grand tourer which is called to revolutionize the sector, at least from the visual point of view.

As you can see in the video that Polestar just published, the “5” inherits many of the elements that we saw a few months ago in the Precept prototype, including a huge tailgate that at the moment and in appearance seems to be totally closed and of quite controversial design. Something that indicates that rear visibility will depend exclusively on cameras.

Despite being heavily based on the prototype, we can find some differences. For example, Concept rear suicide doors have been replaced by conventional hinged doors front. The door handles are slightly larger and the camera mirror system gives way to classic mirrors.

According to its designers, the Polestar 5 adopts an increasingly independent and muscular design language, which will also be extended to one of the upcoming releases. The Polestar 3. An SUV that will be presented next year.

Polestar 5

Later we will see the arrival of the Polestar 4, which will be a slightly smaller saloon but within the F segment and is expected in 2023. A year later, In 2024, the “5” will go into production, which will become another alternative in a segment increasingly competitive and where aspects such as design will be key to conquering a market with wide autonomies and increasingly extensive recharging networks, and where the passionate side will play a key role when selecting the vehicle.

Although not confirmed yet, The Polestar 5 is expected to be revealed in the second half of 2022, corresponding to 70% with the prototype. It will make use of the modular platform SPA 2, and will mark the beginning of the aesthetic differentiation between Polestar and Volvo, dispensing with elements such as the grill (which is present in the Polestar 1 and 2).

Initially, the model will have two electric motors that will provide all-wheel drive and a combined power of 600 hp. The battery for its part will have a capacity of 120 kWh, which on paper should allow it to exceed 700 km WLTP of autonomy, with an ultra-fast charging system, and all completed with elements such as recycled materials in its production, autonomous driving, and the minimalist and elegant design of Polestar.

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