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The first radars to control the speed of scooters arrive: fines of up to € 1,000

It is the fashionable vehicle to move around the city for those looking for quick and not very long journeys. The use of scooters has exploded in big cities and, with it, traffic accidents. Thus, the first radars to control speed have arrived scooters, but also drone or breathalyzer controls, with fines of up to 1,000 euros.

One of the cities most concerned about the proliferation of this type of accident is Valencia. So far they are encrypted 470 accidents in which scooters are the protagonists. It is the same figure as in the whole of the previous year when there is more than a month left until the end of 2021. Barcelona is the other big city affected, with two accidents a day with scooters and 66 complaints filed with their owners, most for driving on the sidewalk or wearing headphones.

But, without a doubt, Valencia is the one that is putting the most interest in that users of personal mobility vehicles respect traffic regulations and stop a bloodbath of accidents that is new in the capital of Turia. Therefore, the Municipal Police has launched a surveillance campaign and awareness towards these users.

Scooters and electric bicycles, with compulsory insurance?  Photo: iStock.

Radars, drones, controls … this is how scooter offenses are eliminated

With the aim of putting a stop to some more than worrying figures, the Valencia City Council has launched a campaign to control personal mobility vehicles so that they comply with the rules and reduce the risks of circulating with them.

In addition to the most common fines for driving on the sidewalk, crossing a zebra crossing improperly or move around with helmets on, the Municipal Police are also using their speed radars to control that the scooters circulate, at most, at 20 km / h they are allowed.

With the same objective, they will be used drones to control the movements of these scooters and remind its users that the fines for not complying with the Mobility Ordinance of the Valencian city council range from 60 to 1,000 euros in the worst case. These 1,000 euros are the punishment for those who circulate under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are repeat offenders. And it is that in Valencia alcohol and drug tests are also being carried out on those who move on scooters.

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