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Ferrari Purosangue engine is a V12, and not a hybrid V6

Last March, the first official teaser of the Ferrari Purosangue was released, which will be the first SUV in the brand’s history. A model called to compete with several others, but whose main rival will be the Lamborghini Urus. Its production will start this year and the first deliveries are scheduled for the next year 2023. Now we know that its engine will be a V12, although Ferrari has confirmed that various options have been tested for it throughout its development.

Ferrari they have already indicated,  officially, that although several options have been tested as a possible engine for the Ferrari Purosangue, the conclusion they have reached throughout the development of the model is that  ‘for performance and driving experience’,  the V12 engine was the right choice for the market. However, over the past few months, there have been rumors that it could have another mechanic and, in reality, the information was not false. Quite simply, Ferrari has been testing different mechanical configurations for it, and that is why in some spy content, prototypes with inferior engines have indeed been caught.

The Ferrari Purosangue engine is a V12, not the hybrid V6 that was believed

Automotive News has broken the news about it. Indeed, the  Ferrari Purosangue would not have made much sense with an engine other than a  naturally aspirated V12 block, because its competitors – already available on the market – are available with both eight-cylinder engines and, effectively, twelve-cylinder blocks. . And yet,  the V6 engine should not be ruled out despite this news. Because, even if it is going to be launched with a V12 engine, both in Europe and in the United States, strict regulations could end up forcing, at least,  to launch lower versions such as, for example, one with a hybrid or non-hybrid V6 engine.

Be that as it may, the Ferrari Purosangue will be built on the  Frond Mid Engine Architecture platform, a brand new platform. With this platform and that naturally aspirated V12 engine, you’ll be up against options like the Lamborghini Urus or the Bentley Bentayga. They not only offer a  sporty driving experience but are also practical models. Or at least they are practical cars compared to what is usual among supercars.

Ferrari Purosangue

Of the  Ferrari Purosangue, there is still a lot of information to know. Because, indeed, although it will maintain the DNA and sporting spirit of the brand, it is clear that it will have to adapt to the level of comfort, premium equipment, and technological equipment of these rivals. And as we advanced, although it is going to be released with a V12 engine, there is still information that suggests that two other versions could arrive later that have the popular  V8 engine already available in other Ferrari models and below, as an option.  ‘basic’  of the range, a configuration with a V6 block  -and possibly with hybridization-.

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