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The BYD Seal will have a cheaper version with rear-wheel drive and 550 km of autonomy

BYD has confirmed its presence at the 2023 Barcelona Motor Show, where it will exhibit its three models currently for sale in Spain, Atto 3, Han EV and Tang EV, it will also premiere its next two electric launches, the highly anticipated Dolphin and Seal . Precisely the latter is in the news due to the confirmation of the launch of a new version that reduces the access price of this attractive electric saloon.

This is indicated by the Chinese press, which reports that the BYD Seal Starting this week, it will have a new version called Champion Edition, which will reduce the price by 11% compared to the cheapest variant up to now.

In China, the Seal will go from “from” 212,800 current yuan, 27,852 euros to change, to 189,800 yuan, or 24,890 euros.

At the moment there are not many details of the configuration, but a small shaving of the features is expected, including a less powerful engine, 170 kW (228 hp) that it would push from the rear axle, and that it is fed by a battery of 61.4 kWhsufficient to achieve autonomy of 550 km CLTC.

With this addition, BYD tries to keep up with a Tesla that has confirmed the relaunch of the RWD Long Range version of the Model 3, and that will join a Standard that, as we remember, has a range of 556 km CLTC, and a price in China of 231,900 yuan, that put 5,500 euros above the new BYD.

Quite a statement of intent from a BYD that is not only willing to keep up with Tesla’s price war, but even ups the ante.

BYD Seal

With this new version, the Seal will have up to five trim levels. From one with a 61.44 kWh battery for a range of 550 km and a price of 189,800 yuan, a second with the same battery and more equipment, with a price from 225,800 yuan, going through a third level of equipment, with traction rear and battery 82.5 kWh and 700 km of autonomyall with a price starting at 262,800 yuan, with the variant with two engines, 390 kW (530 CV) and 650 km of CLTC autonomy being at the top of the pyramid.

A range that offers all the possibilities that customers may need, from economical and efficient versions, to the Performance version, for a saloon that will arrive in Europe this year and that we will be able to see at the Barcelona Motor Show which starts this coming Thursday in the Catalan capital.

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