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The brutal Munro Mk_1 electric SUV, now also available in pick-up format

The Scottish company Munro He surprised us all last year with his first creation, a all-terrain one hundred percent electric that did not stand out precisely not even by name, mk_1Not even because of his appearance.

However, its differential factor resided in its tremendous off-road qualities, something for which electrical technology has a lot to offer. The generous and instant torque figures, the precise control of power delivery or the absence of exhaust of this type of vehicle are perfect characteristics to be able to face the most complicated terrain.

With this idea, the Munro Mk_1 was born, with an off-road body, and with the same idea, its new Pick-Up version, which provides greater professional possibilities and load. The list of electric models with this unusual bodywork (but more) in Europe continues to grow: Maxus T90EV, Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightningthe prototype unveiled by ebro or the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck they go in the same line

The Munro Mk_1 pick-up maintains the same off-road qualities of its off-road “brother”.

Munro Mk_1 Pick-Up: same 4×4 essence

Munro Vehiclesa manufacturer located in Scotland, has expanded the offer with the arrival of this pick-up version that maintains the same essence as the off-road version: a pure electric 4×4 capable of going where no one else can go, with wading capabilities up to a meter deep.

Of course, the pick-up version opts for a double cab configurationwith a cargo box 1.2 meters long and 0.80 meters wide, with a maximum weight capacity of 1,050 kg and a trailer of 3 and a half tonsa not inconsiderable figure for an electrician.

The mechanical offering is identical to that of the Munro Mk_1, with the two same versions. The first has a single electric motor, 220 kW (299 hp) power, aiming at the rear axle. The second variant already has two engines, adding an additional one on the front axle, for a maximum power of 280 kW (375 hp) and a torque of 700 Nm.

The pick-up version of the Munro electric is available with one or two electric motors.

Both versions of the Munro Mk_1 Pick-Up feature the same 82.4 kWh capacity batterywhich in the off-road variant reaches 270 kilometers of average autonomy, at speeds of up to 130 km/h, and with a usage limit of 16 hours due to its high performance. Thanks to an on-board charger of up to 100 kW, it allows recharging from 15 to 80% in just 36 minutes.

According to British media, its starting price will be 49,995 pounds, about 57,562 euros to change. The Scottish brand admits to already having 200 orders, just enough to cover its planned production by 2025.

Source | Motor.es

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