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Tesla’s German Factory Giga Berlin, Will Receive Its Final Approval This Week

The inauguration of Giga Berlin, the first Tesla plant on European soil, is getting closer. According to the German press, the factory will receive its final approval on Thursday or Friday of this week; in fact, everything seems to indicate that the company is already preparing the opening ceremony, which will take place in less than three weeks.

The event will be attended by both Elon Musk, executive director of the Californian firm, as well as different German political officials (in the absence of confirmation, it is expected that the Minister of the Economy, Robert Habeck; the Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner; and maybe even the current Chancellor Olaf Scholz ).

Initially, the facilities were scheduled to start operating in the summer of 2021; however, this date has been repeatedly postponed mainly due to bureaucratic problems. Once up and running, Giga Berlin will become Tesla’s fourth car factory after Fremont (USA), Giga Shanghai (China), and Giga Texas (USA).

Although the state of Brandenburg has had all the necessary documents for approval since the end of last year, it was not until February that the authorities started working on the final permits. Once it receives the green light, series production will still take a few weeks to start.

Giga Berlin will manufacture batteries from 2023

Located in Brandenburg, Giga Berlin will initially be responsible for producing the Model Y SUV, although its lines are also expected to take on the Model 3 sedan later on. In addition, at the time Musk himself hinted that these facilities would be the most suitable for producing a compact hatchback, although this model does not currently have a launch date.

The capacity of the factory will be about 500,000 electric cars per year, although Tesla is expected to double this figure later. Although initially, Giga Berlin will have an external supply of batteries, later (initially next year) it will start producing its cells in 4680 formats.

Unlike the units assembled in Giga Texas, the Giga Berlin Model Ys will not initially have structural batteries (a novelty that will arrive in parallel with the start of cell production), although they will maintain the front and rear frames made from large pieces of the foundry.

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