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Tesla Semi Electric Receives Final EPA Approval to Enter Service

You can already see the light at the end of the tunnel with the Tesla Semi. The electric truck will soon begin service after years of delays. The EPA has cleared it for circulation and deliveries are expected to begin almost immediately.

Although many people think that putting a car up for sale is as simple as manufacturing it, nothing is as easy as it seems. Manufacturers not only have to comply with a series of regulations when designing a car, but these have to be analyzed and certified by competent authorities for their start-up. The Tesla Semi has been months with all the artillery ready to start its commercial and labor journey. Tesla already has it ready and only the final authorization from the EPA was missing to start. You already have it, and soon the first deliveries will be made.

Tesla’s most disruptive and radical vehicle will soon be on the roads of North America doing what it was created to do. Much has been the road traveled with the Semi. Rivers of ink have run with information, revelations, and doubts about the viability of the project, but finally, although with a long delay on the promised agenda, the Tesla Semi already has everything ready. The companies have been fighting for months to be the first to receive the company’s long-awaited electric truck, and in just a few weeks they will receive it.

The first will be PepsiCo, which has always been very active and interested in the Semi. It was the year 2017 when the company placed the first orders for the tractor unit, the not insignificant amount of 100 units. The signing of the contract contemplated deliveries within a maximum period of two years, but obviously, this has not been the case . 5 years long wait that will soon end. Elon Musk has assured us that on December 1 the first units will be officially delivered.

It will be a crucial and liberating moment for the entire team that has worked on the development. One more step on a long road. At the beginning of the month, Musk himself announced that production was already underway at the Nevada plant. The start-up will be slow, just five units a week, but over time the pace will accelerate with the transfer to the Austin plant, where the Tesla Semi will have its definitive home. At the moment there are many doubts about the performance data, although we will know soon.

Tesla Semi

For its part, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has issued a report stating that the Semi complies with all necessary rules and regulations. The so-called Certificate of Conformity has not only been received by the truck but also by the 2023 versions of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The official stamp is from last September 29 and is valid until December 31 of next year. Now it only remains to be seen how well it performs in real work environments, where the range of 800 kilometers that Elon Musk has always declared will be put to the test.

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