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Tesla Model Q this will be the brand’s new electric car

The project of a small or compact Tesla – and much cheaper – continues, as recognized by the boss of the North American brand, Elon Musk.

It has been a long time talking about a new smaller and more accessible Tesla compared to those seen so far in the brand, below the range even of the already popular Model 3, to further democratize the electric vehicle. We speak, of course, in the key of compact or utilitarian, at a much more affordable price than the aforementioned Model 3.

Although it is true that a few months ago there was talk that the project was frozen, now it seems that it is beginning to take shape, once other projects are progressing and completed, such as the Semi Truck and the Cybertruck pick-up.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, recognized – in the presentation of the new quarterly figures – the intentions of the brand with this “baby Tesla”, of which it is not yet known if it will be a utility or a compact (almost certainly, the latter ).


Tesla Model Q

What is known, or at least it is what Tesla will claim, is that the final dealer price of this more than likely Model Q will be half of the Model 3. While the latter is around 50,000 euros, the small electric Tesla would be around 25,000 euros.

To achieve this huge reduction, Tesla will focus on reducing production costs, derived mainly from a new platform whose manufacture costs half the brand. In addition, new iron phosphate (LFP) batteries will be chosen, which, unlike other models of the brand, will be cheaper and will be supplied by the Chinese brand BYD.

Because yes: this Tesla Model Q will be designed, developed, and manufactured on Chinese soil. Specifically, in the new Gigafactory that Tesla already has in Shanghai (the first outside the United States). Its production would start as early as 2023 – although this remains to be confirmed – and it would surely become the most popular and best-selling vehicle of the brand.

We already know the predilection of the Chinese market for electric vehicles; however, Tesla’s sights go further and this Model Q will reach the whole world to face the VW ID.3, Honda-e, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and company. Moreover, the future Tesla gigafactory in Berlin (Germany) could also house the manufacture of this Model Q, whose final name is still to be confirmed and three different versions are expected – a basic one, a long-range one, and another high-performance–, with a range that reaches and exceeds 400 kilometers.

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