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Tesla Model 3 2023: All the secrets of the electric car

Promoted in many countries around the world as the best-selling electric car, the Tesla Model 3 reduces sales in its main markets and is already proposing, to remedy it, a new renovation to make it more attractive… and cheaper to produce. So shall!

It is not official, but it is unofficial. The prestigious news agency Reuters has advanced in the last few hours, citing as a source up to four people in charge of the project at Tesla, the next and imminent renewal of the Model 3. The electric saloon, which appears in Europe and around the world among the 3 best-selling electric cars throughout this year 2022, including in Spain, has, however, seen in recent weeks how its sales fall in its main world markets, such as China or the United States, where drops of up to 10 percent have already been recorded.

For this reason, and to revitalize a vital car for the brand, Tesla has decided, five years later, to renew its successful Model 3 in depth. The information mainly points to the fact that the saloon will seek to be much more attractive to new customers, while at the same time it will try to reduce its production costs to remain competitive in the face of the avalanche of new Chinese electric vehicles, each day more interesting in quality and with lower prices. low. 

Known for the moment this update with the name “Highland” within Tesla, the forecasts are that the new Model 3 will enter production already at the brand’s plant in Shanghai during the third quarter of 2023. Shortly after, the manufacture of the model should also start in Fremont, California (United States), and the start of sales should take place between the end of next year and the beginning of 2024.

Tesla Model 3 2023

The update to the Tesla Model 3 will be similar to those carried out on the Model S and  in 2021, with changes that improve the sedan’s visual appeal and give it more dynamism, while incorporating the new “gigapresses” and other assembly methods that will allow saving costs and that currently allow, for example, to manufacture the rear floor plate of the Model Y in a single piece.

Inside, the current spartan interior of the Model 3 will be further simplified with the same goal: saving on production costs. The sedan should use the 17-inch landscape screen already known from the Tesla Model S, and also the yoke-type steering wheel. In addition, the buttons and air vents will be reduced, to focus on the functions that the customer uses.

At the moment we do not know more details of a new sedan that is in the process of development that little by little will be filtering new details.

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