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Tesla Model 2: will cost $25,000

The Tesla Model 2 Model 2 will be a competitive compact thanks to new battery technology, and it should become the brand’s first fully autonomous model.

Since its emergence in 2008, the North American manufacturer Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric car market. And it has achieved this despite offering high-end models and rates well above conventional cars. The brand has already announced for next year the launch of the Tesla Model 2, a compact car designed to democratize the 100% electric vehicle and which, according to statements by the brand’s director, Elon Musk, will be available in 2023 for $ 25,000 ( 21,300 euros at the current exchange rate, taxes not included).

Such a tight price would allow it to compete very favorably against its main European rival, the Volkswagen ID.3 (from 33,400 euros) and would open the Tesla market to many new customers who cannot afford the average Model 3 saloon (47,000), for now, the most accessible model in the range.

Tesla Model 2 Made in China

The secret of the Tesla Model 2 to be so competitive would be a new battery technology, which reduces its manufacturing cost by 56% and which also exceeds the autonomy of the current ones by 16%.

Tesla Model 2

But the technological innovations of the new Tesla do not stop there. The intention of Elon Musk is that your model with greater trade volume is also the first to incorporate the robotized driving Autopilot Level 5. This is the maximum automation, which makes unnecessary the steering wheel and pedals since the functions of the car do not They need no human assistance. However, this decision is in the air and pending the progress that the definitive development of the Autopilot system achieves in the meantime, apart from the legal limitations still in force, especially in the European Union.

Everything indicates that the Tesla Model 2 will be produced at the Shanghai factory (China), capable of assembling 450,000 vehicles a year. Meanwhile, Tesla will inaugurate in the coming weeks its European plant, located in Berlin (Germany) and which will be destined for the production of the Model 3 and Model Y.

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