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Tesla exceeds expectations and produces 440,000 cars in the first quarter of 2023

We anticipated it on Friday, and now it has been confirmed that Tesla has managed to close a record first quarter in terms of car production and deliveries, even exceeding the expectations set by Wall Street.

There was a lot of expectation to know the final numbers, especially after a start to the year where the drop in prices from the American manufacturer had significantly increased demand. A movement that was expected to have an effect at the end of the quarter, something that has finally been confirmed paving the way for a 2023 that again, and there are already a few, will mark another production maximum.

Tesla has published a few hours ago its official results of production and deliveries during the first three months of the year, where those of Palo Alto have exceeded expectations with a production of 440,808 units44.6% more than the same period last year, and with deliveries that have reached 422,875 unitsor 36.4% more than last year.

This figure also allows it to achieve another symbolic milestone of the best quarter in terms of deliveries so far, the fourth of last year, when they reached 405,000 units delivered. Something very significant if we take into account that the last three months are usually the best of the year in terms of deliveries, and the first ones are the worst.

The numbers show us that Tesla has 18,000 units in transit to their ownerswhich indicates that the North American manufacturer seeks to reduce the traditional avalanche of deliveries in the last part of the quarter thanks to the entry into action of local factories, which allow deliveries to be made in a constant and less rushed manner.

Breakdown of Tesla production and deliveries for the first quarter of 2023 by model:

It now remains to be seen if the stock accumulated in recent weeks finds a way out. It is estimated that there are some 9,000 Model S and X in stockwhich according to the manufacturer are units in transit to their new owners.

But at the same time we have seen how Tesla has launched some incentives to accelerate sales, such as 10,000 km in Supercharger recharges for new sales, as well as the recovery of the referral program, which offers 5,000 free supercharge kilometers to new customers, while owners will earn 10,000 credits for each sale .

Huge demand prompts Tesla to deliver cars straight from the haul truck

Some credits that can be exchanged for Software updates (improved acceleration) up to 10,000 kilometers of Free ÜberChargea charger for our home, clothes and accessories from Tesla… an action that they hope will serve to continue accelerating deliveries and set new production and delivery records in the coming years.

Source | Tesla

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