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Tesla, accused of receiving preferential treatment by the German authorities

Tesla is being accused by various environmental groups in Brandenburg (where its first European plant, Giga Berlin, is located) of receiving preferential treatment from some prominent German political figures, including the Brandenburg Prime Minister, Dietmar Woidkeand the Minister of Economy, Jörg Steinbach.

The organizations NABU BRANDENBURG, Green League Brandenburg and VNLB have questioned the treatment given to Tesla in a letter accusing the company of being one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide in the region. In addition, they also affirm that the clearing of forests that was carried out to build the factory has destroyed entire populations of native animals.

According to these associations, Woidke’s attitude towards Tesla “causes horror and incomprehension among many people in Brandenburg, especially among members of nature conservation associations. How is this development compatible with the Brandenburg goals for climate, environmental and species protection?

Despite some voices warning that the planned expansion of the facilities could be hampered by shortages of water and electricity, Woidke has assured the company that these supply problems will be resolved.. Steinbach recently went to Tesla’s headquarters in Austin (Texas) to analyze his needs for the expansion of Giga Berlin.

Tesla Giga Berlin

In its first phase, Giga Berlin will have a maximum capacity of 500,000 cars per year

“It is important to give Tesla the assurance of continued support from the Brandenburg government for possible expansion. […] in Grünheide. We are interested in the project being successful. Of course, that also applies to the expansion, just like it was done with the settlement »explains the Minister of Economy, denying any kind of favorable treatment.

“There is no special treatment for Tesla”, sentence. This is not the only problem that Giga Berlin has faced in recent times, as IG Metall, one of the most powerful unions in Germany, has repeatedly expressed its concern about the working conditions offered by Tesla.

Barely a year after the start of its operations, Giga Berlin is already the main industrial employer in the area. The factory has reached a production rate of 4,000 units per week, although the ultimate goal for this first phase is an annual capacity of 500,000 vehicles.

Source | Teslarati

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