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Skoda Octavia 2023: Spotted On Test Drive

The popular Skoda Octavia gets a facelift. One prototype each of the sedan and station wagon has now been spotted on test drives.

Next year it will be time, then the middle of the current Skoda Octavia model generation will be reached – a facelift is needed. So that the manufacturer’s mid-range model still looks modern up to the next generation, something has been changed a bit.

  • Octavia’s facelift spotted on a test drive
  • Camouflage front and rear
  • New bumpers and headlights
  • No new design language
  • Interior updates likely
  • Launch expected in 2023

Exterior design

Both the Octavia Combi and the sedan receive updates. What you can see in the test models photographed is that the front and rear bumpers have been renewed. This can already be seen in both the combi and the sedan.

Skoda Octavia 2023

However, the new headlights can only be seen on the Octavia Combi. The sedan on the test drive has not yet installed these, but they will be used there.

Elements of the new design language “Modern Solid”, which the manufacturer only recently presented, cannot be seen in these facelift models. That’s probably being saved for a completely new generation.


What is known about the engines so far: VW has developed the last generation of combustion engines before they only devote themselves to electromobility. However, it is still unknown whether these drives are already being used in the Octavia facelift or only when the generation changes.

But it is already clear that the fifth Octavia generation coming from 2025 will need new engines – because then the Euro 7 standard will also be mandatory, which will force Skoda to act. The current drives cannot meet these requirements.

Skoda Octavia 2023 prices and the start of sales

The current Octavia generation was presented at the end of 2019. Accordingly, we do not expect the facelift until towards the end of 2023. The prices for the current models start at just under 28,700 euros for the station wagon and at just under 28,000 euros for the sedan. We do not expect prices to increase significantly.

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