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Skoda Citigo 2024: a small electric car is planned

Skoda wants to offer a small electric car for the city by 2024. It will probably be bigger than the Citigo. This is known about the plans so far!

Skoda will launch an electric car in Fabia format in 2024. After Volkswagen is working on a small VW ID.1, Skoda takes the opportunity and jumps on the bandwagon. The city car will be larger than the current small car Skoda Citigo and thus probably reach the dimensions of a Fabia. There is no name yet, but the first indications of the design. The illustrator has already considered what the electrified Czech could look like!

The closed grill reveals the Skoda immediately as an electric car. For a top model, however, an illuminated grill like the SUV Enyaq would also be conceivable. The interior, on the other hand, is more likely to be based on the VW ID.3 – a high-quality interior in the style of the Enyaq would only drive up the price of the planned small car unnecessarily. A small electric car from Skoda would be difficult to realize in terms of price anyway without the MEB Group modular system and shrinking battery prices. Since there will probably no longer be an environmental bonus until the ID.1 brother from the Czech Republic appears, the E-Skoda may not cost more than 20,000 euros in the base.

Since the city car will probably be based on the MEB platform, the Czechs cannot arbitrarily shorten the series. The battery pack in the vehicle floor requires a certain basic length, which is why the ID.1 counterpart is likely to scratch the four-meter mark. Conversely, for the E-Skoda this also means a reasonable range of up to 250 km and a powerful motor on the rear axle. Specific dates are difficult to estimate at this point. Patience is still the order of the day here until 2024.

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