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Silence S04: reservations open for the affordable Spanish electric micro-car, which will cost 10,180 euros

The Spanish manufacturer Silence has opened the pre-reservations and the online configurator of its first four-wheeled vehicle, the electric quadricycle S04. This long-awaited model of Barcelona origin is presented as one of the most affordable alternatives of its kind, establishing itself as a rival to the Citroën Ami, Mobilize Duo, Microlino and XEV Yoyo.

The Silence S04 will be sold in two versions: L6e (light quad) and L7e (heavy quad). The first, which will be limited to 45 km/h, is not yet available. The top model will be able to reach 85 km/h, so it will be suitable for driving outside of urban environments. In both cases, it will have two removable 5.6 kWh batteries (11.2 kWh in total) equipped with a telescopic handle and wheelsso they can be easily transported to load them at home.

Our protagonist measures 2.28 meters long, 1.27 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. It is a strict two-seater, although it has a generous 247-liter trunk, enough to transport three cabin suitcases. Like the S01 and S02 motorcycles, it has a single front headlight.

The L7e variant (commercially referred to as “125”) announces a range of 149 km under the WMTC cycle. It integrates two 7.5 kW electric motors on the rear wheels. Its nominal power is 14 kW, with a peak of 22 kW. It can complete 0-50 km/h in less than 7 seconds, which together with a turning radius of just 3.5 meters will provide outstanding agility in the city.

Silence S04

The Silence S04 is manufactured in Barcelona

The Silence S04 125 has a starting price of €10,180; However, currently only units with the Premium Pack are manufactured, which raises the rate to 11,680 euros. This equipment package adds elements such as air conditioning and screen-printed floor mats. Steering wheel, dashboard and doors are wrapped in synthetic leather.

There are two colors White (free) and Anthracite gray (650 euros). As for the batteries, customers can rent them (30 euros per month) or purchase them (5,120 euros). In case of opting for this last modality, the price rises to 15,300 euros (16,800 euros with the Premium Pack). Making the pre-reservation costs 400 euros on your part.

Compared to its rivals, the Silence S04 has several advantages. The main one is that It is a domestically produced model. (The Citroën Ami and Mobilize Duo come from Morocco, the Microlino is made in Italy, and the XEV Yoyo is imported from China); on the other hand, we cannot lose sight of its rich equipment (air conditioning, heating, sound system with touch screen and Bluetooth, electric windows, central locking, ABS…) and the enormous practicality provided by its removable batteries, a differential point regarding the competition.

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