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Renault Scenic 2023: Surprising SUV that is coming

The new generation Renault Scenic will have SUV-type bodywork and a multitude of technical and design surprises. Here is your last hour.

In previous articles, we already anticipated that the Scenic name within the Renault range would change drastically in the future. In fact, according to the latest unofficial information that we have had, everything indicates that the next generation of this model will abandon its characteristic minivan-type forms for an aesthetic style that is more in demand by the public and that is true: the segment of SUVs.

As published by various French media, Renault intends to compete with the VW ID.4 (a purely electric SUV) soon and the replacement of the current Scenic will be said vehicle. In fact, from the neighboring country, they already consider the new car in question as to the “big brother” of the Mégane E-Tech Electric. With a length of between 4.40m and 4.50m, the next production model should be a “zero emissions” alternative to the future Austral (which in turn is the Kadjar’s thermal and electrified replacement).

Currently, one of the internal projects in which Renault has immersed bears the code name HCB, whose aesthetic starting point would be the 2020 Morphoz concept and whose production version will lead to an SUV-type vehicle (or with crossover lines). ) that would occupy the natural place of the Scenic.

Renault Scenic 2023

Pure Electric Suv or Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

In the roadbook of the diamond manufacturer, a range of one hundred percent “zero emissions” vehicles are contemplated in 2030 and, to achieve this, it will not only market pure electric cars, but others derived from other advanced and efficient technologies. In fact, among Renault’s plans, there has already been talking of an upcoming prototype with a hydrogen fuel cell (and even with a revolutionary hydrogen engine). However, it remains to be confirmed exactly what kind of technology this new prototype will have, which will lead to the next new generation Scenic.

In this regard, regarding what type of propulsion technology the new SUV from the French firm will have, the possibility of adopting a similar technical scheme in the Master (Renault H2-Tech technology) is also being considered, in which a small 30 kW fuel cell with a 33 kWh battery to power a 77 hp electric motor, provides a range of 500 km and hydrogen refueling in approximately 5 minutes. However, this is yet to be confirmed, especially since hydrogen is the subject of new research by some manufacturers such as Toyota, which is currently is testing internal combustion engines that use it as a fuel in gaseous form.

Renault Scenic 2023

For all these reasons, the possibility that the next SUV from the French manufacturer could incorporate the aforementioned technologies should not be ruled out, that is, a pure electric car developed on the CMF-EV platform, on the one hand; and on the other, a revolutionary car with a hydrogen thermal engine, on the other.

Designed under the supervision of Gilles Vidal, former head of Design at Peugeot, the concept seems to show a more angular aspect than the latest productions of the diamond if we are based on the image published as a teaser or advance published by Renault itself.

According to this teaser, the straight lines “hollow out” the front hood on its sides to give its central part a bulging and muscular appearance. The headlamp units promise to be slim, and each has four LED-type cubes that provide its light signature. At the ends of the front bumper, other light sources visually emphasize the width of the car. On the other hand, Renault also announces the use of recycled and recyclable materials in the construction of the vehicle, as well as a very studied accessibility.

With all this, the concept car could be presented in May 2022 and its final production version could be presented in October of this year, on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show. The vehicle in question will be produced at the Douai factory throughout 2023.

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