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Renault Megane 2023: First Details & Photos

Renault is already immersed in the development of the new and fifth generation of the Megane, a model that could bring notorious surprises in its style and design.

A few months ago, Renault‘s official sources advanced to some French media that the new and fifth generation of the Megane will be launched within two or three years, thus denying possible rumors that canceled the production of the new installment of the popular compact. Well, the Megane 5, which could be ready in 2023, is once again the protagonist after the statements of a senior official of the firm that would confirm the intentions of its new president and CEOLuca de Meo. These new plans have been picked up by the Reuters news agency.

” The discussions are still in full swing and things are moving a lot, but next to the classic five-door version, we are moving towards a crossover version. Luca de Meo wants to develop slightly different bodies to add value ” to the product, said a source close to Renault about the new projects of the French firm, according to information advanced by Reuters.

With these preliminary statements, everything suggests that the Renault Megane 2023 could adopt a crossover or SUV-type style and body, as has recently happened with the new Citroën C4 and e-C4. Another hypothesis would be the specific launch of a body with these characteristics, in addition to the five-door compact, as is the case with it and its crossover/SUV “brother”.

Renault Megane 2023

If a Renault Mégane SUV / crossover type became a reality, this new body would replace the familiar Sport Tourer, which would cease to be manufactured.


The fifth new generation of the Mégane could carry the internal denomination code BFN within the Renault Group. As for the dimensions of the new resulting model, from the Gallic country they assure that it will have a length that will be around 4.40 m, so the Mégane V will give the growth spurt slightly.

Renault Megane 2023

The new evolution of the CMF-C architecture (with the internal name CMFCD3 ) would support the technical pillars in the new fifth-generation Mégane. In its mechanical offer, diesel engines can no longer be chosen, although there will be several gasoline alternatives, associated with light hybridization, as well as hybrid systems (conventional and plug-in).

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