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Renault Express 2024: Review & Details

The minivans are in the doldrums. This type of bodywork, so popular two decades ago, has been languishing in the European market until it practically disappeared completely. Currently, only a few representatives survive (Citroën C4 SpaceTourer, Renault Scénic) of this practical lineage of cars characterized by their habitability and modularity.

Two categories have benefited enormously from this situation. The big winners have been, without a doubt, the SUVs, as they combine greater roominess than a traditional salon with a striking and fashionable aesthetic, which is why many families have decided to opt for these models to the detriment of minivans.

Vans are also experiencing a golden age as a result of the disappearance of minivans, as more and more families are turning to them for their greater versatility compared to an SUV. For this reason, manufacturers are increasingly producing commercial vehicles that are more refined, playful, and close to a car in terms of comfort and equipment.

Electrification, camper fashion, and a taste for retro-inspired designs will accelerate the popularity of vans among the general public. The best example is found in the recently presented Volkswagen ID. Buzz, which has managed to dazzle the public thanks to its aesthetic inspired by the classic “hippie” T1 of the 50s and 60s.

Renault Express 2024

The new Renault Express will use the CMF-BEV modular platform

Renault will also take advantage of the pull of nostalgia to launch a model with a similar approach, although notably smaller and more affordable: in addition to two electric remakes of the long-awaited R5 and 4L, in 2024 the diamond firm will present a van that will pay homage to the 4F, the commercial version of “Cuatrolatas”.

Within the commercial range of Renault, the new model will replace the current Express, placing itself one step below the Kangoo. Like the R5 and 4L, the new Express will make use of the CMF-BEV modular platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which will allow it to offer a very tight starting price.

Since it will be derived from the 4L, the Express will share a front design with its tourism brother; In addition, it will have certain SUV-inspired design elements (plastic protections, raised suspension, etc.), which will contribute to giving it a more adventurous touch. Initially, it will be available with two Envision AESC cell battery packs: one 42 kWh and one 52 kWh.

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