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Renault concludes the first test phase of the EZ-FLEX

The Groupe Renault mobility company Mobilize will offer three electric-powered urban delivery models in the near future, one of which will be the Hippo. The experience gained with the prototype is being used Renault EZ-FLEX, presented two years ago, which has been working in France on several pilot experiences.

This friendly vehicle is specialized in last mile urban repair, that is, the one that goes to its final destination, sometimes in streets with difficult access or restricted circulation. It measures 3.86 meters long, 1.65 m wide and 1.88 m high. Its wheelbase is slightly shorter than usual, 2,495 mm, and with its small wheels it can have a low load floor height and turning radius of just 4.5 meters. It can carry 300 kilograms of weight or 3 cubic meters of volume.

Renault has been testing various cargo compartments and cabin configurations to optimize driver / delivery driver ergonomics, all logged with sensors to obtain first-hand information in this first operational phase. Renault says there is interest in these types of urban delivery vehicles, and that in the long term they will be much needed in big cities.


In a second phase, Mobilize will determine the offer of services and vehicles that it will give to professional clients for urban goods delivery. Regarding electric vehicles for professional use, manufacturers are being very cautious, considering the comments and opinions of those who are going to use them, in order to better profile their products.

It is not only about satisfying professional clients, but also their clients, who demand a competitive price, flexibility and speed. Companies seek more competitive costs and customer satisfaction. As for cities, the requirements are to pacify traffic, reduce emissions and noise, promote coexistence and keep the local economy alive. Finally, the logistics sector demands to be able to access restricted areas and for its workers to work at ease.

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