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Renault Austral: It will debut in the spring

Renault has revealed new data on the unprecedented Austral, the medium SUV that will replace the Kadjar from this spring. Here is your last hour.

The countdown begins for the definitive premiere of the new SUV “made in Spain” by Renault, the unprecedented Austral. As we anticipated in previous information, this model will replace the well-known Kadjar in the diamond manufacturer’s range.

The production center that the French firm has in Palencia is the place chosen to manufacture the new Austral SUV. Recently, the French brand has just advanced new data on what the new model will be like. Specifically, the new information refers to the image that the vehicle will have, with specific indications made by the brand’s Director of Design, Gilles Vidal.

The new Austral 2022, according to Gilles Vidal, will be an ” elegant and technological ” vehicle, a model in which each element related to the general proportions of the bodywork, the length of the overhangs, the size of the wheels… will be studied in detail… all this to offer a vehicle that will combine three aesthetic qualities: it will be “ modern, athletic and sharp ”.

Renault Austral

According to Gilles Vidal, the “ Renault Austral combines strong styling elements that give it a dynamic and elegant design. Its quality is visible at first glance. We have reduced the gap between the body panels and refined the adjustments, in such a way that it immediately conveys a feeling of quality ”.

At the moment, no official images of the new model have been published, although a “teaser” has been advanced on what its silhouette will look like. Seen in profile, the model emphasizes its dynamic lines, a style in which the new model “ seems to jump forward, as if it were in motion ”, as Renault puts it.

On the other hand, regarding the type of front and rear lighting, Renault points out that it is one of the sections where the new Austral will show its most technological side. Specifically, in the rear area, two imposing C-shaped lights will stand out that join the logo creating a very striking effect. This same treatment will be repeated at the front of the vehicle with headlights and a grille that will not go unnoticed either. Launched on the 100% electric Renault Megane E-TECH, the new Austral 2022 will also adopt micro-optic technology, which consists of a Plexiglas plate on whose surface or material lines and motifs have been engraved.

Renault Austral


The new SUV that will shortly replace the Kadjar will be developed from a technical point of view under the production methods of the Renault Group’s common modular platform CMF-CD3.

According to preliminary official technical data, this new vehicle will be offered with gasoline versions with some associated hybridization system (there will be no diesel engines for the European market). In this regard, the 1.3 TCe mild-hybrid 12 microhybrid or light hybridization variant is already anticipated, in addition to another of the same typology that responds to the name of 1.2 TCe mild-hybrid 48VOn the other hand, a non-plug-in hybrid version that will receive the name E-Tech is also contemplated. In all cases, the maximum power range of the new versions that will be announced and made official shortly will not exceed 200 hp in any case.

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